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Moving to an unfamiliar place could be difficult especially when you don’t know anything about the country. From getting lost in a city to paying an overpriced trip, you can avoid these challenges if you come prepared. Our Expat Guides is complete with articles about moving, relocating, settling, and creating a whole new life in Cambodia.

Read about our comprehensive area Guides that contain information about the districts of the major cities in all of Cambodia. Find out the important information required in application Processes from visa to driver’s license. The Relocation Guide explains every aspect that goes along with moving abroad—everything about house hunting, safety, transportation, and job opportunities.

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Expat Guides

Condo Ownership Journey in Cambodia: A Step-by-Step Process with IPS

Purchasing a Condominium in Cambodia has never been easier with IPS-Cambodia

An Ultimate Guide for US Expats in Cambodia

Cambodia is a land of cultural heritage with ancient temples and marvelous beauty. The [...]

Cambodia Tax Incentives

Explore Cambodia's tax incentives, including special economic zones, investment incentives, and tax holidays, designed [...]

Moving to Cambodia: Key Apps and Websites for a Hassle-Free Experience

Looking to move to Cambodia? Check out this guide to essential apps and sites [...]

A Guide to Salary Tax in Cambodia 

If you're eligible, you must pay salary tax in Cambodia within the timeline. Well, [...]

How to a Get Cambodian Citizenship?

Getting Cambodian citizenship can be helpful, especially when you're planning to buy a property [...]

Phnom Penh Area Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Uncover the vibrant districts and hidden gems of Cambodia's capital city with our Phnom [...]

Investing in Agricultural Real Estate in Cambodia

The Cambodian government allows investing in agricultural land in Cambodia or gives the rights [...]

Why ODOM’s Strata-title Offices Should be on Investor’s Radar

The office strata-title market is beginning to emerge, and investors can take advantage of [...]

Opening a Bank Account in Cambodia as an Expat

Make your life easier in Cambodia by opening a bank account. Find out which [...]

Working in Cambodia as Foreigner

Foreigners can legally work in Cambodia in different industries, however, doing so will require [...]

Can Foreigners Get Home Loans in Cambodia?

Find out if expats can get home loans in Cambodia to make sure that [...]

Travel Guide: Staying Connected in Cambodia 

Learning what sim cards to buy and mobile apps to install is an essential [...]

How to Find Properties For Rent and Sale in Cambodia

If you're looking for real estate properties for rent and sale in Cambodia, make [...]

A Complete Guide to Money and Banking in Cambodia

Find out everything you need to know about finances and banking in Cambodia as [...]

The Perfect Alternative: Areas to Live in Close to BKK1

Finding the perfect area to live in within Phnom Penh isn’t difficult for most [...]

What Units Can You Rent With $800 Budget in Phnom Penh?

Living in the business and economic hub of Cambodia, Phnom Penh is the best [...]

“Cambodia My 2nd Home” Program Grants Foreigners 10-year Visa

Working with the Ministry of the Interior (MOI), the Khmer Home Charity Association (KHCA) [...]

The Foreigner’s Guide to Getting Home Loan in Cambodia

Over the past decades, Cambodia’s economic boom and vibrant community have enticed a good [...]

How Short is a Short-term Lease in Cambodia?

Most real estate properties in Cambodia and anywhere else, generally have long-term lease policies [...]

Cost of Living in Siem Reap: Getting By to Enjoy the Best

Considering all it has to offer—green living, a vibrant expat community, and a melting-pot [...]

Phnom Pehn | Where Locals Go

Experience the city as if accompanied by your childhood friend. Go where locals go [...]

Most Popular Residential Rentals in Phnom Penh For Fast ROI

In an expanding and rapidly progressing city like Phnom Penh, property investors must be [...]

How Title Transfer Works in Cambodia

One of the most critical things to buying a real estate property is securing [...]

3 Reasons Why You need to Live in Downtown Siem Reap

The capital of tourism in Cambodia, Siem Reap takes your experiences to the next [...]

How Much Does it Cost to Rent in Siem Reap?

One of the best places you can live in if you’re in Cambodia is [...]

Cost of Living in Phnom Penh: Moving to Cambodia’s Capital City

Make sure to consider the cost of living in Phnom Penh before moving to [...]

Your Guide on Public Transport in Cambodia

Cambodia is divided into several provinces and cities, along with the tourist destinations within [...]

E-Visa To Cambodia Now Available Online

The Cambodian Government’s official e-Visa site has announced that starting October 19, the [...]

What to do in Siem Reap & Phnom Penh for Short Trip

Cambodia is home to a perfect blend between modernity and the distant past. At [...]

Everything you Need to Do and See in Cambodia

Exploring the beautiful and historic Cambodia is one of the things you need to [...]

What To Consider Before Buying An Apartment In Cambodia?

Cambodia has become one of the favorite tourist spots for many travelers over the [...]

Expat Healthcare & Well-being in Cambodia

We are a generation that has propped up technology as a human need – perhaps [...]

Can Foreigners Own Land in Cambodia? Here’s How.

Ways for Foreigners to Own a Land or Have Rights to a Property in [...]

Doing Business in Cambodia

Your comprehensive guide that highlights essential information on starting a business in Cambodia, from [...]

UPDATED: Cambodia Travel Guide #COVID19

UPDATED March 17, 2022: No quarantine, no pre-arrival (negative) RT-PCR test and rapid test [...]

The New FPCS (Foreigners Present in Cambodia System)

The General Department of Immigration (GDI) has just launched a new online registration system [...]

Getting a Cambodian Driver’s License

How to Get a Driving License in Cambodia Driving in Cambodia is easy especially [...]

Cambodian Visa Application and Essential Information

Everything you need to know to apply for a visa to Cambodia.

Phnom Penh Expat Friendly Hospitals

Expats should fear not when they get sick in the Kingdom. Here are some [...]

An In-Depth Look at the Cost of Living in Cambodia

UPDATED on July 21, 2023 What to expect in terms of living cost in [...]

Is it Safe to Invest in Cambodia?

Cambodia has a stable economic growth driven by an open business environment, robust industries, [...]

6 Reasons why Cambodia is the Top Destination for Expat Educators

Teaching English in Asian countries is now a growing trend. Many native speakers and [...]

Cambodian Dialects: The Ultimate Guide

Traveling to, and even living in, a different country is always hard. If say, [...]

Foreign Property Ownership in Cambodia – which is best for you?

Foreign Property Ownership in Cambodia For a relatively small city, Phnom Penh offers a [...]

Guide to House Hunting for First Time Buyers

#ForeignBuyers Whether you have visited Cambodia a few times or have lived here for [...]

Top International Schools in Phnom Penh That Every Parent Should Check Out

A reliable international school can provide the best quality education, here are the top [...]

City Living: Finding your New Address in Cambodia

Moving near the Central Business District could be such a chore, yet a good [...]

Cambodia’s Nominee Structure for Foreign Buyers

The vast majority of properties purchased by foreigners in Cambodia uses what’s known as [...]

Relocation Guide: 10 Things to Consider When Moving to the Kingdom of Wonder

No matter if you are a single person, a couple, or married with a [...]