Cost of Living in Siem Reap: Getting By to Enjoy the Best

Considering all it has to offer—green living, a vibrant expat community, and a melting-pot of opportunities in terms of education, career, and business—Siem Reap is truly among the best places to live in Asia.

Cost of living in Siem Reap infographic
Source: Cost of Living in Siem Reap

With great quality of life balanced with a laidback cost of living, this is a city that would allow any expat to enjoy modern-day luxuries and conveniences without having to attain a sky-high income to survive. According to Numbeo, the cost of living in Cambodia is around 27% lower than in Germany; 37% than in France, Japan, and Canada; and around 40% than in Korea, New Zealand, and Singapore. Many an expat would testify to $400 as minimum monthly subsistence, with those living on $1,000 a month having plenty to spare. To paint a picture for Siem Reap in particular, you could find rental rooms for as low as USD 90 per month, commonly in Sala Kamreuk Commune which is known as the expat haven. It would however also be wise to also invest in higher-budget housing, such as a villa, flat, or serviced apartment. 

Electricity and other household utilities would of course incur additional costs. Travelling by GrabTukTuk to and from the Pub Street area would cost you perhaps R5,000 (USD 1.20) to R8,000 (USD 2) per day. Assuming you stay home two days a week, you’d be shelling out between USD 40 to 60 monthly for a convenient mode of public transportation or private vehicle expenses. 

A wide selection of affordable fruits, vegetables, and fresh meat and poultry are available at local markets. A kilo of vegetables is about R4,000 (USD 1) while meat is about R60,000 (USD 15). Establishments like Makro Supermarket stock a variety of bulk groceries including toiletries, frozen and canned goods, dairy products, and other essentials. 

If you plan to eat out a lot, a filling meal can be found for as little as a dollar among the local food vendors, while fast food ranges between R6,000 (USD 1.50) to R8,000 (USD 2) per meal. Moreover, whether you enjoy a cup of joe or routinely grab a beer after work, both quality coffee and alcohol come at prices lower than expected. Even quality healthcare is available in Siem Reap, so you won’t be sacrificing your safety and well-being for the lower cost of living. 

Roughly, R40,000 ($10.00) per day would be enough to get you through a month of simple living at a total of $310. Factor in personal utilities such as a mobile service, small emergencies, and essential vitamins and you can see why $400 is considered the minimum monthly subsistence. Whether it’s a retirement venue you’re seeking or a place to start and build your career or business, make sure you keep Siem Reap at the top of mind. Pre- and post-pandemic, the city has proven itself as a timeless hub of self-discovery, forging lifelong connections, a colorful and multicultural community environment, and a balanced lifestyle.

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