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Where Do Locals Go in Phnom Penh? 

Beyond the bustling streets and glamour of business and retail giants in Phnom Penh are hidden treasures well-known and well-loved by locals of this historical city.

These are sights, sounds, and experiences that are almost second nature to crave for those who grew up witnessing the rapid transitions and booming development the city underwent in the past two decades.

A satisfying breakfast enjoyed at the roadside. An afternoon thrift adventure. Visiting the local pub together with co-workers. Reveling in the country’s heritage and history. A relaxing stroll in the park. Weekend getaways at a neighboring island.

Staples of everyday life that anchored them when the whole world was rocked by a health scare.

Now, these locals share them with the world!

This is Phnom Penh from their point of view, now being offered as an opportunity to explore the city like you’ve never done before. Trust their recommendations and walk down these paths. Indulge in sensations that nourish the body, spirit, and soul. Experience the city as if accompanied by your childhood friend.

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