How to Find Properties For Rent and Sale in Cambodia

When you want to live in a place where there are numerous opportunities for you to have fun urban life, alongside having the chance to glimpse how the old world looked before, then Cambodia is the right place for you! Once you’ve decided to visit or permanently live in Cambodia, the next step is finding the right real estate property for you to rent or buy in the coming months. However, this can be difficult especially if you’re looking from overseas. 

While the right markets to look for properties for rent and sale in Cambodia would take a bit of research to find, the best place to start is searching online. Numerous platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, Google, and real estate websites are readily available when you start your research. However, be careful with using some of these sites since not all of them can provide you with the right prices and quality listings.

For example, if you search for properties on Facebook Marketplace, there are more listings there that have misleading information about the property.


This includes the actual cost of renting or buying it as well as the features of the home. Verifying their legitimacy online is practically improbable, making this platform a hassle to work with, especially since it can also be the ground for scammers due to its features.

On another note, if you search on Google, dozens of real estate listings will appear on the search result page. Guaranteeing most, if not all of them, are trusted real estate property companies that provide genuine, authentic listings, and good services, will be challenging.

Rather than wasting numerous hours trying to validate if a site or listing is legitimate from overseas, you can simply visit our website, IPS Cambodia, by typing ips-cambodia.com. It’s the premier Cambodia real estate company, with rent and sale listings of hundreds of residential properties. Since our company has been in the industry for over 13 years and has since become a market leader in commercial and residential properties, you can trust the accuracy and authenticity of the listings you find.


Moreover, in the years after IPS Cambodia was established in 2009, we have become a trusted partner of expats and residents looking for a home and investment. The outstanding services that our agents provide each time helped build their reputation, making it possible for our brand to be featured on numerous reliable platforms like The Phnom Penh Post, BBC, ASEAN Forum, and more.

Hence, you can only expect more high-quality listings and first-rate services from us. In short, when you’re looking for rent or sale properties in Cambodia, you can trust IPS Cambodia to do more than just deliver the property you want, we’ll guide you completely through the process of renting or buying! Whether you’re looking for a condo, house, villa, shophouse, apartment, and more, you can find all of them at IPS Cambodia—all in your desired location.

Contact us now to get the right home for you, within your budget and in the area you want, when you relocate!

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