The New FPCS (Foreigners Present in Cambodia System)

The New FPCS (Foreigners Present in Cambodia System) – How does it work?

A quick guide for expats living in Cambodia.

The General Department of Immigration (GDI) has just launched a new online registration system for foreigners living in Cambodia, stating that those that fail to register on the new system by the 1st July 2020, will be unable to extend their visa. The “FPCS” applies to all foreign nationals, including tourists. According to a statement released by the GDI, “FPCS (Foreigners Present in Cambodia System) app is to manage foreigner’s information regarding their stay in Cambodia.

It intends to record foreigner information when they arrive in Cambodia at any entry point. It will also record their data when they leave Cambodia. The main purpose of FPCS is to protect foreigner safety and security in case of an emergency when they are travelling throughout Cambodia.” 

This FCPS applies to all expats and tourists alike, making this change most relevant to the tourism industry. It’s especially true given that the other most important point to note is that it’s the landlord who is responsible for registering foreigners into the app.

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So how does it work?

According to the app, there are 6 steps to follow:

  1. Create an account (Phone number, Password)
  2. Upload passport copy
  3. Verify information
  4. Enter valid phone number and password
  5. Verify
  6. Add information for accommodation. Done.
This video is in Khmer (For Landlords) but the tutorial images are in English.

Benefits of the FPCS for Foreigners Living in Cambodia

The FPCS (Foreigner Present in Cambodia System) offers various benefits to foreigners living in Cambodia. These include:

  • Establishing a legal presence in Cambodia and avoiding legal issues related to staying in the country
  • Renewing long-term visas and complying with local laws and regulations
  • Providing a centralised database for authorities to locate and assist foreigners in emergencies or natural disasters and monitor the movement of foreigners for improved safety
  • Easier access to services such as opening bank accounts, registering vehicles, and obtaining driver’s licenses, without bureaucratic hurdles or delays
  • Increased job prospects in the country, as some employers require employees to be registered with the FPCS
  • Improved security by providing authorities with information about foreigners in the country, which can be used to prevent criminal activities and improve overall safety
  • Easier communication with the authorities, especially for those who are not fluent in the local language or are unfamiliar with local customs and practices.

Did FPCS Affect the Real Estate Market in Cambodia for Foreigners?

The Foreigners Present in Cambodia System (FPCS) requires all foreigners who own or rent property in Cambodia to register with the system, making it mandatory for them to do so. 

  • By registering with the FPCS, foreigners can be easily identified and tracked, preventing illegal land grabs, property disputes, and other fraudulent activities.
  • The FPCS has also made it easier for foreign investors to purchase and own property in Cambodia by providing a clear legal framework for property ownership and helping foreigners understand their legal obligations.

Concerns have been raised about privacy risks associated with FPCS due to personal information being stored in a centralised database. Despite these concerns, FPCS has increased confidence among foreign investors and increased investment in Cambodia’s real estate market. 

Challenges Faced by Foreigners Registering with the FPCS

Foreigners registering with the Foreigners Present in Cambodia System (FPCS) may encounter challenges during registration. Some of the common challenges are:

  • Language Barrier: 

The FPCS registration process is conducted in Khmer, which can be a barrier for foreigners who need to speak the language. 

  • Limited Access: 

The registration process for the FPCS is done by landlords using an app, which can be a challenge for foreigners to persuade the owner to register them on FPCS. 

  • Lack of Information: 

Some foreigners may not be aware of the requirements for registering with the FPCS or may not have access to accurate information about the system. 

  • Privacy Concerns: 

Some foreigners may have concerns about providing personal information, such as their passport number and address, to the FPCS.

  • Limited Assistance: 

There may be limited assistance available for foreigners with questions or concerns about the registration process for the FPCS. 

In summary, IPS Cambodia can provide various forms of assistance to foreigners facing challenges during the registration process for the FPCS. IPS Cambodia can help by providing language support, access to registered landlords, accurate information and guidance, ensuring personal information is stored securely, and overall support throughout the registration process.

Overall Impact Of FPCS on Expat Community

  • Job Opportunities – 

FPCS registration can enhance the chances of foreigners getting hired in the country.

  • Visa Procedure- 

Long-term foreign residents must renew their visas, which requires registration with the FPCS, ensuring they can legally continue to reside in Cambodia.

  • Business Dealing- 

The FPCS has increased transparency and accountability in Cambodia’s business sector, which can benefit foreign businesses by preventing fraudulent activities.

  • Travel- 

The FPCS provides a centralised system to track foreign residents in Cambodia, improving travellers’ safety and security in emergencies or natural disasters.

Overall, the FPCS provides several benefits for foreigners living in Cambodia, including legal status, increased safety, access to services, employment opportunities, improved security, and easier communication with the authorities.

Our advice to Expats?

Given that the landlord is responsible for registering foreigners into the system, we recommend that you get in touch with your landlord, pass on all the required information mentioned above and cooperate with them as best you can to ensure that you are registered. Do not sit back and assume it will be done.

According to the DPI announcement –

“We advise that you check with your landlord to confirm that they have registered you on the app. If you do not have a landlord, then you should register yourself on the app”.

FPCS (Foreigners Present in Cambodia System) is available for Android and IoS users.

This article is for information purposes only. For questions / assistance with FPCS app, please contact the General Department of Immigration.

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