Invest with ease and confidence! We recognize the challenges of being an overseas investor in Cambodia real estate market. Allow us to take care of your property investments for you! Our experienced team will handle all aspects of property management, giving you peace of mind and maximizing your investment potential. 



Let us keep you profitable because your absence is not a hindrance to your success!
We will take care of your property investment and your responsibilities as a landlord while you earn Income – Effortlessly.

Prospective tenants are required to submit tenant application forms along with proper identifications designed to identify potential red flags to keep you protected.

We will represent you in Property Viewing, Contract Signing, Preparing Unit prior to Move-in, Move-out Inspection, Eviction, and Return of Security Deposit.

Your key is safe with us – we will hand them over to the tenant as they move in and secure the key as they move out.

Our professional workers conduct monthly inspections and do necessary repairs to ensure your property remains in excellent condition. 

We are trained to communicate with hospitality and warmth, which Cambodians are known for, to ensure positive results with finding and retaining tenants.

We will manage the payment for property tax, leases, utility bills, invoices, and provide a comprehensive report on all expenses, including the unit condition, tenancy, etc.

Breath easier knowing your rental is in the hands of the professionals. We can supply all furnishings through our local providers and keep a record of your property’s inventory.

We find the very best tenants quickly using custom marketing solutions with combination of powerful marketing tools and paid advertisements.


Work hand-in-hand with our team of local real estate professionals and reap the benefits of hiring a property management team. Let us show you the IPS difference with the results we can generate firsthand. Our goal is to manage your property, maintain its spotless condition, and deliver strongest exposure and customer support so you will never have to wait long to get your property rented and start generating monthly income.


Our Property Management Service Includes:

Provision of dedicated specialist staff
Full Financial Reporting
Administration of building maintenance
Conducting property inspections
Managing external service providers
Providing payment and receipt functions for billing of external services
Provision of work plans and management of support staff and contractors
Management of other agency inquiries and commission management


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    Property Management in Cambodia

    Property management is an important aspect of Cambodia’s fast-growing serviced apartment and condominium sector. It plays a vital role in maximizing the life, assets and all-around quality of a building.

    The delivery of building services also plays a key role in attracting and retaining tenants. Residential complexes need to be at par or be more innovative in this highly competitive market.

    Whether the type of real estate is a single property or a large serviced apartment, property management sector provides a mix of owner-managed properties and professional companies.

    Property Management can either be:

    • Owner-managed properties that deliver minimal services on a budget.
    • Professional companies that provide “full services” with varying success.

    Professional property management in Cambodia is relatively new compared to other countries. However, this is starting to change.

    Considering the high demand for commercial spaces, apartments and condominium complexes being built in the country, it’s the best time to look into the advantages that the property management sector can offer.

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    Property Management for small and large residential spaces such as apartments has traditionally been practiced thru “family management”. Many property owners are unwilling to allot money for the required fees of a professional management company and experienced staff.

    Instead, owners are settling for cheaper options. Family members with limited capabilities are hired to take on this role. This under-skilled labor, more often than not, deliver less than professional services.

    However, this style is slowly changing. Owners are now beginning to see the value of quality property management in retaining tenants in this increasingly competitive market.

    Customer service is extremely important. When the lights are out or the air-conditioner breaks, tenants will start complaining loudly.

    If communication is not sufficient and repairs are not carried out quickly, that is cause for concern. 

    Managing a condominium complex can be quite risky. The property management sector for condominiums here in Cambodia is still in its early stages but has already proved to be highly efficient.

    Ineffective condominium management can mean sinking funds, body corporates and monthly management fees and condominium legal services.

    Pitfalls of Unmanaged Condominiums

    Currently, there are only a few condominium complexes in the country. However, there are already a lot of international service providers that struggle to implement & manage the required services.

    There are many issues that need to be addressed.

    There are a lot of information gaps in delivering the required services. Additional time needs to be spent training staff to effectively implement policies and deliver building procedures.
    Condominium owners need to understand and implement the required services. When electricity, common area water, and management fees don’t get paid, the building and its facilities can fall into disrepair.

    With the high volume of condos coming into the real estate market, it is interesting to know who is capable of delivering high-quality property management services. As this point,  quality property management is very hard to find.

    In the commercial sector, many international corporations are setting up offices in Cambodia and they require professional property management services. Large corporations usually take a 5-10 year lease. Fit-out costs for a large office such as these sometimes exceed USD$1M.

    Considering the commitment and amount of investment by these companies, they are usually concerned about who manages their building because the risk is too high.

    IPS is now managing 3 large commercial buildings. We provide and implement building set up and documentation. This includes tenant handbooks, fit-out guidelines, building rules & regulations, standard operating procedures, and emergency procedures.

    It is expected that this demand will rise in the coming months. Owners are now acknowledging their tenant’s needs and the limitations of the services they can deliver through traditional  “family management”.

    The next few years will be interesting to watch unfold in the property management sector. It is expected that the traditional “family management” setup is about to change. Owners will slowly start to engage professional management services to meet the needs of the market.

    From single property owned by foreigners living abroad to local landlords that own a large serviced apartment, our extensive knowledge of key real estate in Cambodia makes us an ideal company to cater to the diverse needs of our clients.

    IPS have a wealth of experience in Cambodia real estate. It gives us the expertise to ensure that you can expect the highest level of service that is within your budget. Our main focus is on attracting and retaining tenants.

    With extensive experience in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh properties, IPS’ property management service is specifically designed to ease the stress out of property owners.

    IPS employs a diverse team giving us the capability to communicate effectively with a different types of customers. All correspondence, communications, and accounting are performed by our staff. This allows the owners to just relax and receive payment each month.

    Consequently, buildings that choose to ignore the importance of property management in managing and maintaining their building, and attracting/retaining tenants will soon realize the adverse effect of not employing this model.