Review: 7 Makara

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For this review, we will look at the suburb of Khan 7 Makara, which when viewed on most maps of Phnom Penh is found slap bang in the city centre – making it the geographical heart of Phnom Penh.

Khan 7 Makara is located to the west of Monivong Boulevard and is bounded by Street 215 to the west, the Russian Federation Boulevard (Street 110) to the north, and Sihanouk Boulevard (Street 274) to the south. the area contains the Olympic Stadium, O’Rrussey Market and the Borei Keila community.

The suburb of Khan 7 Makara, like most of Phnom Penh, is undergoing rapid development with new construction seen on most streets and partially or newly constructed buildings dotting the skyline. The suburb is remarkably varied in the type of housing available for residential purposes. In the northern area close to O’Russey Market, shopfront-style housing dominates in high-density city living. there are small busy streets with all sorts of traders selling a variety of goods. The central and southern areas contain larger blocks of villas and shopfront housing makes up the streetscape. This area also contains a growing number of hotels and guesthouses that provide cheaper short-term accommodation than their riverfront cousins for the growing number of tourists visiting the capital.

The real benefit of Khan 7 Makara is the relatively lower rents asked in comparison to the adjacent suburbs of Daun Penh and BKK1. Prices in Khan 7 Makara are much lower despite it being just as close to all the same restaurant and entertainment areas. Shopfront apartments in this area are commonly priced be-tween US$500-$900 pcm and are mostly one or two bedroom properties with a business of some sort on the ground floor. Villas are of varied quality and can range from US$1,500-$3,00 pcm. Increasing numbers of apartment blocks are popping up in Khan 7 Makara. Apartments vary in quality and size, but for a single bedroom in these blocks the price will range from US$450-$1,200.

Khan 7 Makara should be an option for any person looking for a place to settle in Phnom Penh. It offers not only good value, but is now developing into a bustling suburb, with restaurants and entertainment venues appearing in greater numbers. It is also great for people wanting a convenient location without the higher prices of suburbs that hug the tonle Sap River.