Welcome to Cambodia!

Chum reap suor! You have arrived at the Kingdom of Cambodia, one of Southeast Asia’s featured destinations for leisure and relocation. It is a country that has a tropical climate, fast growing economy, and an increasingly influential role in the world—making it an extremely attractive country to settle in.

However, moving to an unfamiliar place could be difficult especially when you don’t know anything about the country. From getting lost in a city to paying an overpriced trip, you can avoid these challenges if you come prepared. Our Expat Guide is complete with articles about moving, relocating, settling, and creating a whole new life in Cambodia. 

Read about our comprehensive area Guides that contain information about the districts of the major cities in all of Cambodia. Find out the important information required in application Processes from visa to driver’s license. The Relocation Guide explains every aspect that goes along with moving abroad—everything about house hunting, safety, transportation, and job opportunities.

So, whether you’re already living in the country or still preparing to move, our Expat Guide aims to help you in making your life in Cambodia much easier.