Welcome to IPS Cambodia’s Investment Guide: A Comprehensive Guide for Real Estate Investors in Cambodia

Discover a wealth of information to help you make the best decisions for your investment. As a frontier market, Cambodia holds vast untapped potential, offering unique opportunities for those looking to invest in real estate. This Investment Guide is your essential resource designed to navigate the robust property market in Cambodia.

Divided into key sections, the Guide covers an introduction to the vibrant country of Cambodia, the specifications of foreign property ownership mechanisms and current market trends in Cambodia.

Explore And Invest With Confidence with IPS Cambodia

IPS Cambodia is a one-stop solution for international property investors. We recognise that there is no substitute for local knowledge and experience. Our experience, combined with our in-country and international connections, and our wide-reaching online presence enables IPS Cambodia to provide significant advantages to local and international clients. 

Whether you’re a novice investor or an experienced player, our guide provides the foundational knowledge you need. Let’s explore the opportunity Cambodia offers, and gain the advantage you need to invest with confidence. Read more.

Discover the Best of Cambodia: Premier Condo Developments in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap

With Cambodian real estate showing unparalleled investment opportunities, we’re excited to showcase standout condominium developments from our curated collection, combining unbeatable comfort, elegance, and potential for high returns. Check out the latest developments in Cambodia below or connect with one of our property consultants to personalize your investment options! 

J-Tower 3 Phnom Penh

Positioned in the heart of Phnom Penh, J-Tower 3 offers high-standard living spaces coupled with top-notch facilities and features. Designed with investor profitability and resident comfort in mind, this development is a perfect blend of affordability, luxury, and future appreciation.


ODOM Phnom Penh

Step into the future of urban living with ODOM. Offering lavish designs and cutting-edge amenities in a prime Phnom Penh location, ODOM redefines quality of life, placing it far ahead of its peers.



Timesquare 6 Phnom Penh

Time Square 6 stands in Phnom Penh as a symbol of aesthetic beauty, comfort, and functionality. This development represents an excellent consideration for entry-level investors looking to dip their toes in Cambodia’s thriving real estate market.


Timesquare 7 Phnom Penh

The latest icon in Megakim World Corp.’s portfolio, nestled in the vibrant Toul Kork district, this architectural marvel stands as a testament to modern luxury, offering diverse living spaces tailored to individual needs and lifestyles.


Angkor Grace Residence & Wellness Resort Siem Reap

Set in the picturesque city of Siem Reap, close to the iconic Angkor Wat, this development is more than a living space—it’s a sanctuary for wellness. Ideal for both travelers and expatriates looking for a serene retreat.


Rose Apple Square Siem Reap

Poised in the lively heart of Siem Reap, Rose Apple Square combines luxury and affordability. Get up to 11.4% return per year and a 5-year guaranteed buyback. A perfect investment gateway into the emerging Cambodian real estate market.



The information provided is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered as a definitive source. While we strive to provide accurate information from reliable sources, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the content and recommend independent verification before making any decisions.

Cambodia: Discovering the Nation

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