7 Signs You’re Working with the Right Property Agent

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Whether you are looking for your dream home or the next property in Cambodia that you want to invest in, the best way to find it is to hire a real estate agent. However, not all real estate agents are a dream to work with since some of them are quite new to the industry, unresponsive, or you simply can’t work with them due to some other reason. In this case though, if you already have a real estate agent, how do you know they’re good and what are the qualities you can look for in your next agent?

To make it easier for you, here’s a curated a list of the telltale signs that you have an outstanding real estate agent as you can see below.

1. They’re communicative

One great sign that your agent is outstanding is that they’re communicative. After all, an unresponsive agent cannot fully alleviate your concerns or help you look for the properties you want as fast as possible.

While the market has numerous commercial and residential property types available at any given time, it doesn’t mean that all of these properties will be perfect for clients like you. This means that your agent needs to make sure that they notify you about a property that fits your wants and needs so that you can start the process quickly and not have another person swoop in and get it instead. 

2. They have experience

To make sure that you get the right property you want to buy, the best agent you can get is someone with experience. If your current agent has already been in the industry for a couple of years and has had successful clients, then it’s a great sign that they can find you the property you’re looking for.

While it’s not a bad idea to hire a real estate agent who is fairly new to the industry, chances of finding your dream property, especially if there are a lot of specifics that you’re looking for, are low. In this case, your best bet will always be an agent with a wealth of experience.

3. They have a strong network of associates

One guarantee of an outstanding agent is that they have a strong network of other real estate agents or associates who also work within the industry. If they do, it can only help you since finding your dream property or getting an issue in your home resolved quickly will be possible since they know someone. 

Additionally, the network that your real estate agent (if they already have one) are not limited to the industry since in most cases, it’s a lot of associates who are connected to the field. For example, those working in construction, finance, zoning, and local government offices that can help make the process of buying, selling, repair and more easier for you.

4. They’re proactive

Another telltale sign of an outstanding real estate agent is that they’re proactive. This means rather than waiting for your ideas, requests, and solutions, when they encounter a problem, they’ll offer up their own solution instead. Whether you’re looking for a dream home or investment, a great real estate agent is one who is actively searching for what you want, contacting associates to find it, and more rather than waiting for you to give them a property listing that fits what you want.

5. They’re honest

While not everyone will like hearing honesty from their agent all the time, especially if you lost a bid for property or something similar, it remains to be a mark of a great agent. It’s a necessary characteristic for real estate agents to be straightforward about everything regarding the process of looking for and buying a property, however not everyone can be all the time.

This is even more so if their honesty and integrity can lose them a client but if your agent is honest with you at all times, it only means they only want to work with you and find the property you need. 

6. They’re knowledgeable about the market

The real estate market is an ever-evolving industry wherein there’s always a lot to learn about it, from latest trends to the hottest deals. This means if your real estate agent is thorough in helping you in all parts of the process, whether they’re questioning you about your purchasing power to your wants and needs in a property. Besides this, if your agent is knowledgeable, they’ll provide you solutions to your concerns and find a way to get you the investment you want.

One way you can determine if an agent is knowledgeable is if you ask them necessary real estate questions to get an idea of the depth of their experience.

7. They’re detail-oriented

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a property, there are always a lot of processes that you need to go through—all of which that you can’t skip. In this case, if your real estate agent breezes through the process without forgetting a thing, then it’s a great sign they’re outstanding since they’re detail oriented. After all, you don’t want your bid or offer to be rejected just because there was a step your agent has forgotten to inform you about

If you want to engage with an outstanding agent who has these qualities, just contact our team of agents who can help you with your rental and home search in Cambodia.

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