10 Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent

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Whether you’re buying or selling, you will need help from people who know the industry more and that is where real estate agents come in.

Asking the right questions will let you make the right decision of hiring the right real estate agency. A professional real estate agent can guide you in the process of finding the best property that match your lifestyle, standards or preferences, and can help you get the right pricing for the property you wish to sell.

This is your helpful quick guide for the top 10 questions to ask your real estate agents:

1. How familiar are you with Cambodian Property Titles and Laws and Taxes?

Doing things right must be your top priority before buying or selling property in Cambodia. You will need to ensure that the titles are clean; the appropriate laws are followed; and that the proper taxes are filed when buying or selling real estate.

 2. How long have you been in the industry?

Experience can tell you that the more you do something, the better you become at doing it. Having an experienced real estate agent will give you the advantage of being guided by experts in the industry. Asking how long they have been operating will give you an idea on how many clients they may have worked with, giving you an idea that they may already have so many deals closed as well.

3. How much do you charge?

The question itself may seem simple enough to be answered by just a number, however, it is important to know what the inclusions are after they give you an amount. It is important to know from the real estate agent how they plan to help you after you sign a deal with them.

4. What is your strategy for either buying or selling property?

Your inquiry will then lead you to learn from them what their strategy will be to help you sell a property or get the best deal when you want to buy or rent one. The real estate agent must tell you where they plan to market the property you are selling or what kind of property they are going to find for you to choose from. This is where their length of time in the industry will be valuable, because the information and experience they have over the years can be to your advantage.

5. How much will my property be worth?

Proper pricing is what your real estate agent can help you out with. When selling your property, they can help you get the best value that you can put out in the market. They can help you find out what the ballpark figure is based on the location of your property. If you are looking to buy or rent property, you can get the best pricing options from them, too. Either way, they should be able to tell you a price that is not too low or too high; it has to be just right. 

6. How long has the property you’re selling been in the market?

When you are buying or renting property, you want to know not just the price but also the reason why it has been in the market for a long time already and why no one has acquired it. You will need to find out the history of the property, previous owners, if any. Also, finding out about the neighborhood where the property is can help you know if you can see yourself living there.

7. How much have nearby homes been sold for?

This is another way for you to know how much to properly price your property. When you know the price other homes in the same location as yours have been sold for, then you will have an idea how much people are willing to buy yours for once it is out in the market already.

8. Why is this property on the market?

This is a good question to ask to get to the bottom line of why the property that you are looking at is on sale or for rent. You will learn about how the previous owners were and what their reasons are for letting that property go are. 

9. What is the neighborhood like?

If you were to live in a place and you learned that it is near grocery stores, interesting places to see and experience, and that there are safe roads to go in and out of, wouldn’t you be even more interested to get a property there, too? Asking your real estate agent will be helpful to know if the deal you are getting into is worth it, not just in the matter of its affordability but in terms of your safety and peace of mind.

10. How safe and constant is this home’s water supply and power supply?

Living in a new home or renting out space for a while will be great if you can enjoy it fully when there is electricity, water, the internet and other amenities that can give you a great home experience. You will need to ask this from your real estate agent. A place without such modern living water and power supply can make it difficult for you if they get interrupted often.

You and your real estate agent will need to talk about these questions so that you can decide based on facts and not just by what you feel. Although it is also important to go by what your heart says, having the right information can make you even more ready to take that leap and have your own home to live in or get your property sold in the right way to an interested buyer while ensuring that you get the best deal ever.

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