Where to Adopt Pets in Phnom Penh?

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Having a fulfilling life means something different for everybody, but a majority has the same answer: being able to have a pet. After all, not just anybody can own a pet since having one means a lot of responsibilities. This is especially true considering that pets are living beings that have their own emotions, needs, and more. In this case though, if you feel like it’s time for you to have your own pet, then there are great adoption organizations within Phnom Penh!

If you’re looking to rescue an adorable cat or a loyal dog that will love you fur-ever, then it’s best to check out this list of places where you can adopt pets.

Animal Rescue Cambodia

One of the biggest rescue groups in Phnom Penh is the Animal Rescue Cambodia, which helps save cats and dogs from their previous homes where they suffered. At this organization, it’s possible to adopt a pet, volunteer to care for animals in the shelter, sponsor, or even foster a pet. Besides that, it’s possible to set up a fundraiser of your own, which could be a birthday or another event, and all the money raised will automatically go to Animal Rescue Cambodia. Just make sure to check their page for it to know the steps!

To adopt or foster an animal, you need to answer their questionnaire and send your application first. After that, an adoption manager will reach out to you to set up a meeting and determine which animal will take a liking to you. Other adoption requirements will also be discussed here so make sure you reach out quickly to find the right pet for you!

Ministry of Cats

Adorable and strong headed, cats are one of the most independent pets you can have. If you’re looking for your graceful feline buddy, then it’s best to check out Ministry of Cats! It’s a cat cafe, boarding house, and rescue home at 5 St. 442 in Phnom Penh. They work directly with Animal Rescue Cambodia—meaning all the cats you can see in their cafe have been rescued and rehabilitated by their partner!

Before you start the adoption process, it’s best to spend time with the cats in the cafe and see which of them will take a liking to you. If you’re lucky enough to find one, you can fill out the adoption form and go through one or two adoption interviews. You’ll know afterwards if you pass, but if you do, then you can bring the cat home.


Another amazing organization to check out is Ppaws which primarily improve the animal welfare in Cambodia, as well as rescue stray cats/kittens and dogs/puppies. The main shelter clinic is located at Beoung Tumpon, Phnom Penh where they offer veterinary services and animal welfare guidance for those who want to be educated on responsible pet ownership.

Meanwhile, the rescued dogs and cats are also taken to their shelter to be cared for, sterilized, and healed. If you’re in Phnom Penh, or anywhere in Cambodia, you can adopt a dog or a cat from this organization and bring them to their fur-ever home!

Catera Cambodia

Just opened in 2022, Catera in Toul Toumpung area, just few blocks away from Russian market, is operating as a coffee & cat shop, with cat adoption and cat boarding program. This shop is open from Tuesday to Sunday (from 9am to 6pm) where you can dine in with a bunch of cute cats and where you can inquire and fill out the adoption application form. With “Adopt, Don’t Shop” advocacy, the owners of Catera aim to provide a comfortable place for stray cats until such time they get adopted by their future fur-rents!

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