Pros and Cons of Selling a Property Yourself vs. Selling with IPS

When you have decided to sell your property in Cambodia, you have two options: selling it on your own or hiring an agent to help you. Since the real estate market is a maze to navigate with the different documents, legal papers, proceedings, and laws to follow, it can be difficult to race through it. This is why real estate agents are the key most of the time to help you with the process. While this is always a great choice, there are also perks to selling properties by yourself.

Before getting started with selling your property, know all the perks of selling with and without an agent here at IPS Cambodia:

Without an agent

Since it’s your property, you have full control of when you want to sell it or not. Here are the perks of handling the process on your own:

Saving money

Real estate agents are experienced professionals who have learned the ins and outs of the market so you have to pay them as they handle the sale of your property. This means if the property is sold, rather than getting the full amount for yourself, it will be reduced. So if you handle the sale, the profit you will get is higher after other costs like property tax have been deducted.

Full sale control

Since you have full sale control of your property, you have the prerogative to determine at what price you’ll sell your property to who your buyer will be. However, this means you also have to do the following:

  • Setting the price of the property according to market value
  • Posting the listing on various markets 
  • Scheduling the viewings according to potential buyer
  • Negotiating with buyer
  • Closing the sale
  • Sending real estate legal documents on time

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With IPS agent

There is no need to make things difficult for you with the whole process if you have a real estate agent since they can handle them. Here’s everything that an agent can help you with:

Determining market value

Real estate agents are well versed in determining the right market value of your property. This is important since there is a risk of selling yourself short if you don’t have an agent.

Determining the right buyer

There are all kinds of buyers in the market and it can be difficult determining which one is the right one for you. Professional real estate agents know how to identify which buyers are simply looking for their dream homes or more. Additionally, it’s part of the agent’s job to answer any and all questions about the property. This can be difficult if the owner itself shows the property around since buyers might not be comfortable asking all the questions they have about the property.

Buyer’s trust

One of the things you need to consider when selling properties is that you have to get the trust of the buyer. Without it, it would be more difficult to sell and negotiate. Thus, it’s better to have an agent who can help foster a good relationship with the buyer, making it more possible for you to get a good market price for the property.

Not only that but agents need to get a license before they can sell homes. Additionally, since most buyers have an agent of their own, having an agent of your own to sell is better. After all, most agents do not recommend going through with negotiations or listings if only the owner is handling the process. This is largely due to the fact that it’s more complicated for non-agents to handle the tedious process.

Marketing the property

There are numerous ways to market the property so you can get the best value for it. Real estate agents know how to showcase the strengths of the house and limit the flaws, allowing a better negotiating power.

Additionally, real estate agents would suggest for owners to get a professional cleaner so the house is scrubbed down to its bones and it almost looks like how it was when it was new. An interior designer can also help ensure the property is at its best and caters fully to your target buyer.


Whenever there is a potential buyer, real estate agents can handle showing the buyer throughout the house. Most of the time, these viewings are held within a weekday and there is no specific time slot that you can request the buyer to fit you in. After all, you want to accommodate the time that the buyer is free so as to increase the possibility of selling the home. This might not always be possible if you sell a property on your own but with a real estate agent, they can help make it easier for you.

Price Negotiation

Negotiating the property price is not a cut and dry market wherein you just accept whatever the buyer offers or vice versa. It takes skill and experience to ensure that the buyers will get , giving sellers like you the best deal property owners like you get a good part of the deal.

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The next step to selling your property

Once you’ve determined if selling with or without an agent is the best for you, then make sure to start the preparations for it. If you’re going without a real estate agent, then research the market wisely to ensure you get the best deal there is. On the other hand, if you’ve determined that a real estate agent is the right move for you, IPS agents can help you buy or sell property at the best deal possible. 

Want the best deal for your property? List with IPS today!

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