The Most Prestigious Districts to Rent Condo or Apartment in Phnom Penh

Living close to or in the city center of Phnom Penh is the most ideal place to be, especially if you want all the conveniences that it offers. Besides knowing what you want and what you should look out for as a renter, you need to know the best locations to live in and which ones are the most costly! After all, at the top of the list to consider will be which areas you can afford, alongside the type of home and quality of life it can offer you.

To start you off on the right foot of your renting journey, here’s a list of the most expensive districts to rent in Phnom Penh. Check them out below!

1. Chamkarmon

While there are other districts that have high prices, Chamkarmon district is the most expensive district to find a rental property since it has numerous upscale hotels, luxury stores, and more. Some of the areas within the Chamkarmon district are Tonle Bassac, BKK1, BKK2, and BKK3, which are all the go-to places if you want to live the opulent lifestyle you deserve.

Since it’s one of the most developed districts in Phnom Penh, it’s also the most popular for renters to search, considering the available properties here are apartments, condos, and landed houses. Depending on which area and property type you want, the rent can range between $600 monthly up to $3,000.

Moreover, an average 1 bedroom condo or apartment can cost between $600 to $1,100 monthly, a 2 bedroom between $900 to $1,500, and a three bedroom between $1,500 to $2,500. On the other hand, if you want to rent a townhouse or villa in Chamkarmon district, monthly rent is an average of $2,500 to $5,000. 

2. Daun Penh

In the middle of the Central Business District is Daun Penh, which is one of the most important areas within the city. It contains numerous government offices like the Ministry of Justice, Economy and Finance, and the Ministry of Public Works and Highways. Besides that, it’s home to a bustling nightlife since the area is right by the Tonle Sap river, where you can find dozens of riverside restaurants and attractions. It’s also home to the official royal residence of the King of Cambodia, the Royal Palace. 

Due to this, renting in this district can range anywhere between $982 to $11,000 monthly. While this still depends on the location and property type, if you want to rent a one bedroom apartment or condo, the average monthly is $600 to $1,500 while a two to three bedroom unit can have an average of $900 to $3,500. On the other hand, renting villas monthly here costs anywhere between $2,000 to $4,000.

3. Toul Kork

On the north of Phnom Penh is Toul Kork district, a fast developing area close to the city center. It’s known for having numerous large land for sale, big properties, and infrastructures. It’s the go-to district for renters who want more privacy in their daily life, all the while being close to the CBD. Moreover, numerous government offices like the Ministry of Health, General Department of Taxation, and different international schools are located here, making Toul Kork an ideal choice.

Depending on the property type and location, the average rent in Toul Kork monthly ranges between $715 to $6,000. If you want to rent a two bedroom apartment, it’s a monthly average of $800 to $1,500, while villas can be anywhere between $1,800 to $3,500. Generally, villas are the most common residential property you can find in this district but its size and design varies as well so renters and buyers have different options to choose from.

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