Investment Opportunities in Cambodia’s Coastal Properties

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Cambodia has some of the best pristine coastlines and shores in Southeast Asia, with numerous opportunities for property investors and developers. Whether you’re a foreigner or a local, investing in coastal properties in Cambodia presents a massive investment potential, especially with huge wave of tourists visiting the coastal provinces yearly.

But how do you do it?

Investing in Cambodia’s real estate market offers the best profitable opportunities, but only when assisted by an expert and local real estate agent, knowledgeable with the local and legal requirements for real estate investment.

BOOM in Cambodia’s Real Estate Sector in 2023 

According to the report by KW Cambodia on Real Estate Market Trends in 2023, the Cambodian real estate market will see a massive boom in the upcoming years. But why? Over the years, the Cambodian real estate market has only grown due to new opportunities and economic drivers. The situation is also the same this year as it is expected to grow more.

Various factors have contributed to real estate growth, such as rising tourism, better infrastructure, and more. Amidst all this, one section that will see a huge influence and growth is nothing but the coastal areas.

Cambodia is anticipated to attract significant foreign investment as the country’s economy expands. Although the growth is slow compared to the pre-Covid era, the growth trajectory is notable.

Emerging Properties Across the Coastal Areas

Sihanoukville, a coastal region in Cambodia, has lately been garnering the interest of real estate investors. Over the years, the area has been prone to overdevelopment and no tourism. This outlook has provided a fresh opportunity for the real estate sector in this region. Since properties are available, real estate investors can open up new infrastructures and projects.

Although Sihanoukville was prone to damage and no development, it is all set to return. The city seeking its redemption is said to give way to various attractive investment areas paving the way for accessibility. 

The new Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville expressway has reduced travel time going from the capital to the coast. From traveling around 6 hours before, the travel time now stands at 2 hours. The Bay of Lights is yet another great attraction or addition to the Sihanoukville province, with various real estate residential options. Various leading real estates investors like Canopy Sands Development and Prince Real Estate Group are taking the front seat for a strategic partnership.

Located on Cambodia’s southern coast, Kampot and Kep are also emerging as attractive investment options for those looking to develop along coast. These two towns are situated near picturesque beaches and boast stunning views of the Gulf of Thailand. Both areas have been experiencing significant growth over the past few years in terms of tourism and real estate development.


Prime Coastal Land For Sale in Kep Province

Kampot, known for its pepper plantations and relaxed vibe, offers a mix of expats and tourists drawn to its natural beauty. Meanwhile, Kep, historically known for its French colonial architecture and seafood market has been transforming into a high-end destination for luxury vacation homes and casinos.

What is more fascinating is that foreigners and even locals are interested in properties across the coastal regions. The high local demand is anticipated to grow even more in the second half of the year. 

Benefits of Investing in Cambodia’s Coastal Properties

The emerging tourism industry and thriving real estate market will eventually attract your attention to this place after a certain period. Some of the significant benefits that you’re likely to get by investing in coastal properties of Cambodia include:

  • Increasing Tourism

One major aspect that none of us can deny about Cambodia is that it is a tourism hub. Coastal areas like Kep, Kampot and Sihanoukville have seen massive growth in tourism in the past few years. 

The welcoming attitude of the locals and the comfortable climate draw tourists to this place. Investors in the hospitality and tourism sector are considering taking an interest in this. There are numerous lucrative opportunities that investors can derive for their business growth. 

  • Affordable Investment

More than the return on investment, in the initial stages, every investor thinks of how affordable the investment can be. Over the years, the coastal areas of Vietnam, Cambodia and more have proven affordable and profitable. 

The investors have an eye for the potential that the coastal areas hold. With so much greenery in this area, is it good to go along with the investment schedule? As an investor in the coastal areas of Cambodia, you are only likely to reap the benefits. Whether you want to have a vacation house for your family or build a hotel for business purposes, every property you are likely to get is a price that will make your pockets dance with joy.

  • Rapid Economic Growth

Cambodia has been one of the most efficient countries to grow so effortlessly. For example, it is ground-breaking how they have managed to maintain an average GDP expansion of 7% in the past few years. Moreover, dollar regularisation is also an aspect that has caught the eyes of investors. 

Such a rapid boom in economic growth only means that the country has a lot of untapped potential. The economic growth around the cities will also uplift the coastal areas as tourism grows in these regions because of all the developments. These will only contribute to the perks that an investor can hold in this region. 

  • Untapped Potential

We don’t focus on this much, but Cambodian real estate has always been one of the most unexplored. While other Southeast Asian countries are growing fast today, Cambodia still tends to lag behind. Even if we agree that Cambodia is now getting some attention, we must acknowledge that the coastal area still needs to be tapped.

With the untapped market, as an investor, you get a lot to explore. The infrastructure around the country is at an all-time rise. This will allow investors to invest in areas they couldn’t have considered earlier. Not only will this benefit the investors but also the country, especially in terms of GDP rise.

  • High Rental Yields

When we invest in an asset, our prime focus is getting returns from it. Real estate has always been considered one of those industries that can help you get a significant return on investment. In Cambodia, when you rent out your property, the yields that you receive are likely to be higher than other things. So, why would you want to miss out on the property?

If you want a stable income stream which will help you generate a significant amount of passive income throughout the years, you must invest in the real estate market of Cambodia. Either way, it can hold up positive responses and get you significant benefits.

Whether it’s for commercial or a residential development, investing in the coastal side of Cambodia can be a smart investment especially with a proper guidance from property experts.

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