What Exactly is an Exclusive Listing?

A common move within the real estate industry is to post the same property to different listings to get the attention of potential buyers. You can see this whether you’ve been a seller, buyer, or even renter, especially since the same property is easy to spot. While this can be a good idea, numerous listings on different websites aren’t for everybody since you’re getting a lot of potential buyers and renters, but not all of them will make a high offer.

IPS Exclusive Properties

In this case, you need to look into exclusive listings since it can offer more benefits, prioritizing your needs and wants as a seller. An exclusive listing is a contract between an owner of a property and a real estate company or agent, wherein the properties for that owner will only be listed with that company/agent. In short, any site, social media platform, or third-party services that the company or agent has a connection to, is where the exclusive listing will be posted.

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While it sounds similar to posting it on numerous sites, it’s actually not the case since you’ll only be dealing with one real estate agent if you have an exclusive listing. When you work with several agents at a time, even if you’re only selling or renting out one property, the opportunity for that agent to be more thorough with screening the applicants becomes less.

It happens since they’re juggling multiple listings as well, and they wouldn’t have the time to fully learn your property enough to market it to the right buyers. It’s one of the reasons why you need to have an exclusive listing with a reliable real estate company like IPS Cambodia, since they will assign an experienced IPS Agent to you.

When you’re working with your exclusive agent, you have access to professional photos, video tours, marketing strategies, and paid advertisements posted on different social media channels. Not only that but your agent is fully accountable to how fast your property sells or gets rented, and you’re guaranteed to only have high-quality offers since your IPS agent can screen the applicants better.

Moreover, signing an exclusive listing doesn’t have to be costly since it’s only free-of-charge when you sign one with IPS Cambodia! No need to worry about bogus buyers or bad listings when you have an exclusive listing with a trusted real estate company.

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