What Are The Benefits of Exclusive Listing with IPS Cambodia

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When it comes to selling or renting your properties, the best move is to find a professional that knows exactly how you can do this. In short, a real estate agent with tons of experience under their belt. However, while you can work with multiple agents in Cambodia at once so you can sell or rent your property faster, listing it exclusively with one agent in Cambodia real estate can work wonders for you.


Exclusive listings with a veteran agency have numerous benefits that you can take advantage of quickly. Check them out below!

1. Reach the right buyers or renters

Listing your property on numerous websites and working with different real estate agents at once is a popular technique that most people utilize. However, while you can reach numerous potential renters or buyers this way, there is no guarantee that your property reaches your target clients. On the other hand, when you list your property exclusively with an IPS Cambodia agent, they can help create a good strategy specifically for your home!

2. Efficient and high-grade marketing

Posting your property listing with different agents means they can’t always take a long and thorough time to market your property since it’s a business based on commission. However, if you post your listing exclusively with IPS Cambodia, you can expect that they’ll take professional and HD quality photos of your property as well as a complete video walkthrough. Besides that, an IPS agent will be introducing your property at the start of the video to cement the ideal features of the home.

Besides that, IPS Cambodia will ensure that your property will be posted on the first page of their website with an “IPS Exclusive Listing” banner! These custom banners and flyers will make it easier for potential renters or buyers to spot your property and get them to inquire about it. Moreover, listing your property exclusively with IPS Cambodia costs no fees and has no hidden charges, all the while you can take advantage of their efficient and high-grade marketing services on your property!

3. Third party affiliations

One of the best things about listing your property exclusively with IPS Cambodia is that you’re not just getting their services, but you’ll also have access to their third party affiliates’ services. Currently, they are affiliated with websites that have large audiences and post real estate listings like JustLanded, Expat.com, Khmer24, Reakh, and ListGlobally. So you don’t simply get IPS Cambodia’s marketing services and audience reach but also these affiliates whose audiences are on national and international levels! 

4. Excellent offers

Screening potential renters and buyers takes a lot of attention. If you have a dedicated real estate agent, they can ensure that proper marketing strategies are enforced to showcase your property. They can also see to it that they’re placing your properties to the right audience, screening them thoroughly, and making sure they’re a good fit to buy or rent your property in Cambodia. In this way, only excellent offers will come through for you!

5. Quicker turnaround to sell or rent your property

Numerous listings with different agents can be tedious, especially since there are chances that details about your property won’t get explained properly. Moreover, they might be juggling numerous listings at once and can’t screen potential buyers and renters as thoroughly like an exclusive agent would. In this case, if you have an exclusive IPS agent that knows the ins and outs of your property, it will be easier to find the right customer for it, which will shorten the time to selling or renting it.

More than that, IPS Cambodia has the most organic rankings on the first page of Google real estate searches within Cambodia. In short, most investors, buyers, and renters will turn to searching listings on IPS Cambodia first to find the right listing for them, making it possible to shorten the time to sell or rent your property.

6. Social media exposure

Signing off your property listing to one agent alone can help them take more measures to market your property, including marketing it on social media. Considering that there’s thousands to millions of potential buyers and renters on social media, depending on the platform, this will actively help your listing.

The platforms that IPS Cambodia advertise on are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Paid advertisements from IPS Cambodia are launched on all these platforms, tweaked specifically to your target buyer or renter.

7. Strong relationship with your agent

Working with one real estate agent allows you to build a relationship with them, wherein they care more about prioritizing your interests when it comes to selling or renting your property. It will be a mutually beneficial relationship since it’s easier for agents to work with a client they’re familiar with and trust. After all, there’s nothing worse than a client or an agent that you’re not sure will think about what’s good for you, especially in the long run.

8. Wider buyer and renter reach

Most listing sites as well as real estate agents have key markets they specialize in. While this is generally good, it does limit the potential renters or buyers you’ll have for your property. When you sign exclusively with IPS Cambodia, your property will have a wider reach nationally and internationally. It’s due to the property listing sites affiliated with IPS Cambodia, making it easier for your agent to find you the best buyer or renter.

Want to have these benefits by listing exclusively with us? Contact us to get started!

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