Where Does IPS Cambodia Market its Exclusive Listings?

Packed all in one, IPS Cambodia is the go-to real estate company for managing, buying, selling, and valuation of properties in Cambodia. In short, when you’re looking for a company to handle your property, you can trust our professional agents, valuers and property managers! This is true especially if you exclusively list your property with us, since our years of experience in the market has allowed us to reach the right target audience each time.

Since exclusive listings have numerous advantages for property owners like you, it’s the best move you can do to ensure your home is rented and sold quickly to a high-quality renter or buyer. To know exactly how we market your exclusive listing, continue reading below!


While IPS Cambodia takes advantage of numerous platforms to market exclusive listings, the main platform we use is Google. It’s one of the main search engines used by people worldwide, conquering over 83.84% market share in July 2022 alone according to database company Statista. 

Besides the fact that you can discover almost anything on Google, you can find any real estate property you’re looking for in Cambodia. It’s possible since Google’s search algorithm, a formula used to locate a specific information within a set of data, is thorough and efficient every time. Due to this, alongside other features, over 50% of inquiries that IPS Cambodia receives comes from Google. 

IPS Cambodia ensures all listings are indexed by Google, so once you search for a specific listing or any information about us, it will appear on Google search results. Moreover, we launch targeted search advertising campaigns on Google since it helps capture the target audience’s attention to generate more leads. Using these optimized campaigns allows buyers and renters to find the ideal property for them, all here at IPS Cambodia!

As a trusted real estate company, IPS Cambodia has taken providing high-quality services to the next level. Fully encompassing being a trusted partner by our current and potential clients, we make sure all exclusive listings are featured in our site’s blog section, with internal links relevant to the listing. More than that, all the best characteristics of your property are highlighted in these blogs to maximize the opportunity to convert potential clients into buying or renting.

Cementing IPS Cambodia’s reputation as a market leader has helped in getting high organic traffic for our site, increasing leads and conversion of prospective customers to actual clients we can help. Moreover, IPS Cambodia has been featured on numerous renowned companies like The Phnom Penh Post, BBC, and Khmer Times. This further helps get more exposure on the exclusive listings featured on our site!


Taking advantage of the appeal of videos to the public, we launched a Youtube channel where professional videos of different exclusive listings and projects are published. More than just that, we feature in-depth video tours on some of our listings, guided by our experienced IPS Agents!

Exclusively list your property now with IPS Cambodia

Whether it’s for rent or sale, whatever your property needs, we at IPS Cambodia guarantee that we can help you find the right tenant or buyer for it! Make sure to exclusively list your property now with us because you can take advantage of our IPS Agents’ experience in the market and our different platforms to find the client you want quickly. More than that, signing an exclusive listing with us is free, so contact us now!

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