Sala Kamreuk Tops Survey as The Best Place to Live in Siem Reap

Amid the numerous great cities and provinces in Cambodia, Siem Reap is among the top of the best places to live in. However, you still need to choose which area will be the perfect place for you to live within the city since not all areas have the same conveniences and amenities you would need. Thankfully, you don’t have to do comprehensive research on this.

We asked 150 residents in Siem Reap, a mix of locals and expats, as to “Where’s the Best Place to Live in Siem Reap.” Based on the survey, Sala Kamreuk gained a sliding win of 55% at 83 votes. This is a strong and logical win since this municipality has been known as the expat heaven within the city and most residents of the area enjoy numerous amenities here.

To have a better idea what the popular regions are according to the survey, continue reading below:

1. Sala Kamreuk

Most residents, whether local or expats, prefer to live in the Sala Kamreuk area according to the survey since it’s a quickly developing area. It’s an 8.42 square kilometers commune that’s been dubbed as an expat heaven since foreigners have taken to residing here, making up a huge number in the 22,452 people currently living here according to a 2019 census of the area. This is primarily because it’s close to the Pub Street area, a popular area within the city to frequent if you want to go bar hopping or have delicious food.

A number of restaurants with savory dishes can be located within Sala Kamreuk as well as the large Angkor Market where you can buy anything you need, from food, ingredients, and even electronics, clothes, and more. Besides the urban scene, the housing options you can find here range from townhouses, hotels, condos, apartments, and even villas.

2. Svay Dangkum

Following closely to Sala Kamreuk is the Svay Dangkum area which is the city center of Siem Reap. It won 25% of the votes from the residents of the area since this is the place where locals and especially tourists often frequent. This is because the renowned World Heritage site Angkor Wat can be located here as well as the Heritage Park.

Besides this, it’s right by the Siem Reap river where you can find riverside restaurants, markets, and a bustling nightlife from pubs and bars, making it the perfect place if you want to have fun and relax. However, since most of the attractions and nightlife can be located here, a comfortable and easygoing lifestyle might be difficult to achieve with the loud noise in the heart of the city. However, five star hotels and accommodation can be found here so if you want to live here for a short or long stay, it’s easy to find a residence at Svay Dangkum!

3. Slor Kram

Third in the list of popular areas in Siem Reap to live in according to residents is Slor Kram with 11 votes at about 7% of the total votes. This region, while not getting much in terms of votes, is a great and laidback place to live in since it’s right by downtown Siem Reap where popular markets, pubs, and historical sites are located. It’s a quiet area to live in, making it the perfect choice for those who want numerous conveniences to be nearby but at the same time making sure they’re far away from the city noise.

Despite its laidback scene compared to other areas, the famous Angkor National Museum and Angkor Wat are close here. Specifically, the World Heritage site is only 6.7 kilometers away, the museum at 3 kilometers, and Pub Street is only 5 kilometers away. Moreover, the international airport within the city is only 11.6 kilometers away from this commune.

Live in Siem Reap now!

Taking into consideration the survey above, it’s easy to determine that most renters and buyers prioritize the quality of the accommodations rather than the location where they live. This is easy to factor in Siem Reap since most real estate properties are larger in square meters compared to other cities like Phnom Penh and there is an influx of villas, townhouses, apartments, and more here.

The other areas in Siem Reap that weren’t as popular as the three above, were the following:

  • Sangkat Siem Reab
  • Sambour
  • Chreav
  • Srangae
  • Krabei Riel
  • Tuek Vil
  • Chong Knies
  • Nokor Thum
  • Kouk Chak

Take note though that while these areas didn’t get much in the way of votes, they are still great places to live in. This is especially true since they aren’t too far away from the heart of the city, making it possible for you to enjoy the conveniences that the city center offers all the while enjoying a more peaceful lifestyle.

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