Cambodia’s Top Messaging Apps: Telegram & Messenger

Connecting with everyone you know in an instant has become the norm, making instant messaging (IM) applications the most popular communication tool these days. While not everyone uses social media, about 73.9% of people within Cambodia are actively communicating there according to market data company Statista out of more than 17 million residents. This makes it easier to connect to people on a personal or business level.

In 2021, Telegram and Line were recorded the highest downloaded apps in Cambodia than WhatsApp. However, Telegram and Facebook’s Messenger remain to be the most popular choices within Cambodia.

  • Telegram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat
  • Line

Considering that the most popular application within the country is Facebook, allowing users to connect quickly with family and friends in an instant, so its equivalent messaging app Messenger is widely used. Nonetheless, Messenger shares user data like phone number and location between its connected companies, making it only the second popular choice for locals.

Taking the top spot is Telegram due to the privacy features it offers to its users where all data is encrypted and has an option where you have the option to self-destruct messages after some time.

Originally, Whatsapp was the widely used messaging app in Cambodia and in the world due to the security it offers to its users. However, after an application update where they announced they were going to share user data similar to Messenger, it quickly lost its top spot in Cambodia and Telegram took over.

Take note that Messenger is often used for personal and social reasons while Telegram is one of the main applications used to communicate with businesses, officials and more. While their purposes could be interchanged, their main communication purpose remains the same.

For anything you need, whether looking for products, brands, services, and more, then your top choices to search all those should be Facebook and Telegram channels. Since most of everything is there, it will make it easier for you to get the service and product you want more quickly! Whether you are an expat moving to Cambodia or a resident looking to settle down into a different area, these two applications will save you the trouble and make life more convenient.

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