Better, Quicker Service Delivery Awaits Investors Through IPS x Aquarii Partnership

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IPS Cambodia’s latest partnership with Aquarii BD spells positive news for real estate clients and business owners, for whom specific information and databases play a key role in decision-making. 

The two companies officially reached a Referral Partnership Agreement in February 28, signed by Aquarii BD’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Michael Tan, and IPS Phnom Penh Branch Manager, Ms. Malay Nop. 

The agreement entails the continuous exchange of data regarding properties, real estate opportunities, and related projects tailored to the needs and interests of clients of either entity. These can be found through Aquarii’s business directory and market information engines. 

Such a free flow of information is made possible through Aquarii’s online business platform, where foreign businesses and investors can browse through and find local service providers, counterparts, and potential partners in Cambodia.

Clients can then reach out to them directly, free of charge. Thus, the platform serves to leverage on a diverse network of different industry experts and resource persons who continue to grow in demand as businesses worldwide accommodate global audiences.

With IPS being Cambodia’s premier real estate agency, the company will ensure wide access to local real estate and help source the right properties for Aquarii’s clients. In addition, consultancy and property management services will be offered.

Aquarii will be able to serve their clients better with the country-specific expertise of IPS, bridging the gap between foreign investors and the real estate information needed to maximize the Cambodian market. 

“IPS is ideally placed to provide up-to-date information and advice on real estate in Phnom Penh as well as other parts of Cambodia, including Siem Reap,” Nop stated.

Meanwhile, Tan lauded the Kingdom as “very pro-business and pro-investment.” Aside from IPS Cambodia, Aquarii has also partnered with The Khmer Times and Cambodia Investment Review (CIR) Media to bolster foreign awareness as well as connections for Cambodia’s potential.

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