Condo, Apartment, Serviced Apartment: Which One is For You?

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There is nothing better than feeling at home within the city, whether you’re a local or an expat. Since Cambodia has numerous attractions, recreational activities, and soaring business & commercial industries that can keep you busy all day long, you need a place suited for you to relax. In cities, most of the properties that you can find are condominiums, apartments, and serviced apartments.

These three different properties have various perks, perfect for whatever you need at any time. Learn everything about the differences between these three below.

Condo: Maximising City Convenience

Condominiums are best suited for cities since it allows various advantages that maximises the convenience of the area for renters like you. Here are some of their top perks:

  • Own & rent

Unlike apartments, you have two options if you want a condo unit: either own or rent them. If you decide to have your own home within the heart of the city, there are different payment options available for you that will be explained by your real estate agency in Cambodia. Additionally, you have the option to pay for it within a few months or up to 10 or more years, depending wholly on you.

Not only that but whether you own or rent a condo, you have multiple options to get units from a studio up to a penthouse.

  • Convenience

Condominiums are king in convenience. Since most of them are located within city centres that are always close to whatever you need. Whether it’s salons, grocery stores, attractions and more, you can expect that it’s close to the condo.

  • Security

One of the best things about condominiums is that you are assured the building is safe. This is because condos have 24 hours security, multiple security guards roaming the area, and security cameras in every necessary part of the building. Not only that but only those who are authorized can enter the building so you are safe and secure when you live in condos.

  • Amenities

With condominiums, you get to enjoy amenities like pool, gym, sauna, convenience store or grocery store within the building, and more. While this all depends on what the developer offers, most condos have numerous amenities that will allow you to maximise your convenience and experience in living within the city.

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Apartment: Feel at Home Within The City

There is no better way than feeling at home within the city than renting an apartment. Not only that but if you’re an expat, you can see the beauty of Cambodia better and interact with locals more since apartments are not often located close to the city centres. Besides that, here are some perks of living in apartments:

  • Rent

The key difference with apartments from the rest is that you can only rent the units available. This is because apartments in Cambodia are owned by a single person or a property management company. 

  • Maintenance

Maintaining your apartment is easy since you can talk to your landlord or to the property management office for any repairs or issues you need fixed. 

  • Location

Most apartments in Cambodia are located away from the centre of the city, but still within distance of it. This means you can experience living locally better here, get to interact more with the residents, and be completely at home.

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Serviced Apartment: Convenience & Luxury

If you want the complete package of living in the city, from convenience to luxury, then serviced apartments are the right choice for you. Here are some of the perks of living in serviced apartments:

  • Amenities

If you’re looking for amenities similar to a hotel but only better since you will feel more comfortable, then rent a serviced apartment. Depending on what you rented, you can get room service, pool, bar, spa, a restaurant within the building, or even a mini-bar. Not only that but most of them also come with a gym, roofdeck, and lounge.

  • Large space

Generally, serviced apartments offer a large space for you to relax. This is unlike hotel rooms where it’s often small, even if you get a room that is larger than usual. 

  • Furniture & appliances

Serviced apartments are completely furnished from the basics of bedrooms to living rooms to appliances that will make you feel more at home. You can enjoy television, use a dryer, or more here. 

  • Own kitchen

Unlike hotel rooms where you can only order room service or eat in restaurants close to it, you can cook in a serviced apartment since it has its own kitchen. Whether you want to feel more at home by cooking a local dish you love or be adventurous by trying a new recipe, you can do all that within the comfort of your own serviced apartment.

  • Length of stay

Serviced apartments are often used by tourists, those on business trips, or others who want hotel-like amenities but better. This means you can also stay longer in serviced apartments unlike hotels where it’s often only meant for a couple of days stay.

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