The Best Reasons to Stay in Vacation Homes Than Hotels

If you’re planning a vacation somewhere in Siem Reap yet you’re still in search for a place to stay, there’s actually two accommodation options you can choose from: the hotels and vacation homes.  

But, which of those can make your stay worthwhile? 

The idea of renting someone’s condo, apartment, or a house over a luxurious hotel is pretty popular among the vacationers in Siem Reap. Rental services have really taken off leaving hotels a little behind these days. What could be the reason? 

Location: It’s typically everywhere 

Hotels are usually located in the heart of the cities; a great proximity to business firms, shopping centers and great restaurants in town. But that’s just it, hotels are often nowhere to be found in suburb areas where the real adventure takes place. 

Vacation rentals are hailed for they are found anywhere. In cities, there are townhouses, condominium units, and apartment complexes that can be rented with the convenience of transportation and access to big establishments. Meanwhile, those that are found in far distances from shopping malls and groceries—including villas, lodges, and guesthouses—offer scenic views, exciting activities, and top local attractions in return. 

Amenities: It’s your home-away-from-home 

When you stay in a vacation rental, you’re kind of living in your own home, besides it’s someone’s own home after all. As vacation rentals are typically houses, it has access to the things you couldn’t have at an average hotel like laundry, household items and cooking facilities. Whilst in a hotel, you only have a bedroom with a private bathroom, and at times a closet, couch and television.  

Designed to create a homey vibe during your stay, vacation rentals are complete with the living room, bedrooms, dining room and your own kitchen counter. It will give you a vacation like you never left home. To top it off, guests can now access some of hotel amenities in a vacation rental like a swimming pool, jacuzzi, game room, and a gym. 

Living space: It can accommodate more people 

In terms of size and space, the biggest perks of choosing a vacation rental is getting yourself the entire house; a room for every member of your family instead of a small, compact hotel room. A vacation rental measures an average size of 2,000 square feet as compared to hotel rooms that are only 400 square feet. 

When traveling in groups, you’ll probably book different rooms spread out in different floors with hotels. While in vacation rentals, it provides more rooms and enough space to accommodate your whole family or group of friends.  

Cost: It’s more budget-friendly 

Most travelers book vacation rentals to spend less money and save more. This is because of the home facilities included in the accommodation.

Think of how much money you can save just by cooking instead of eating out; by using the washing machine instead of hiring a laundry service; by having a parking garage without a parking fee. It really pays to stay in a vacation rental.  

Privacy: It offers solitude of your own space 

In hotels, you will be placed in the middle of all action, from the continuous customers in the restaurant to the noise across the hall. Since vacation rentals are usually privately-owned homes, you can spare yourself from worrying about the guests next door. You can enjoy the freedom of getting a little noise yourself. 

Also, hotel rooms are linked to each other, so more often than not, you’ll likely hear noise behind the walls as you wouldn’t in a vacation home. And since it’s your own space, you have the pool, balcony, and dining all to yourself. You can also manage your own time without having to follow the breakfast time nor the closing time of the hotel restaurant.   

Experience: It provides more activities to enjoy 

Most vacation rentals are located on serene places with nearby beaches, mountains, or lakes. So whether you’re on for an exciting vacation or meditation, a rental property in Cambodia offers a perfect balance of privacy and productivity.  

Vacation rentals are great for families because parents with their children can enjoy a movie, food and other activities together. There are outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, or biking. If you opt to stay indoors, vacation rentals sometimes come with video game consoles and sports equipment, so you really don’t have to go far to experience exciting activities.  

Variety: It has more home areas and various types to choose from 

Variety is the strength which hotels cannot win against vacation rentals. You can access a lot of areas that you can’t in a hotel, exclusively. Some of those are private sunbathing terraces, swimming pools, gardens, backyards, and spacious areas for the children to roam around. Whereas in a hotel, you are assigned to a type of room that’s exactly the same as what other guests booked.  

In a nutshell, vacation rentals offer more options, both in types of property or experiences in the actual rented space. They can plan their vacation by selecting their desired type of home at their desired location.  

There are rental condominium units if you prefer high-rises and aerial views. If you want to be on the ground, there are private rental houses that you can enjoy solely. Adventure and retreat seekers can select from rental homes which are close to the ocean or one that sits near the lake and mountains.  

So which should you choose, hotel or vacation rental ? 

While all those perks are served by vacation rentals, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right accommodation for you. Depending on your purpose and priorities during vacation, both vacation rentals and hotels have their own pros and cons. 

Hotels have a long list of included services that will make your stay comfortable and convenient; no need to do cleaning nor to prepare your own food. Meanwhile, vacation rentals are more cost-efficient and more spacious, yet everything is done with your own hands. 

It really depends on what you’re willing to give up—is it the budget, living space, or experience? If you have the answer, you’re now ready to choose.  

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