Why Cambodia is the Best Place to Retire

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The first two things you need to know about retirement are these: you can fully enjoy your life and it’s peaceful. However, this would be difficult to achieve if you’re in an environment that is busy and not retirement-friendly. Thankfully though, Cambodia provides all these and more. If you’re looking for the perfect place to retire, then property in Cambodia is the perfect home for you!


Not only does it have numerous benefits for its residents, from inexpensive cost of living to security, but it’s a growing economy. This means you can enjoy more perks over the years in a country rich in culture when you decide to live here. Besides that, curated below are some of the advantages of retiring in Cambodia that you need to know:

Safe and secure

If you’re looking for a safe and secure environment, then Cambodia is the place for you. No place is completely secure but in this country, the crime index doesn’t completely overpower its safety index. According to the global database Numbeo, Cambodia’s safety index is at 49.26 while its crime index is a short distance of 50.74. Its closeness means that it’s relatively safer compared to other countries where high crime rates are the norm.

The Kingdom’s latest safety ranking were at 58th out of 142 nations and 7th among 9 Southeast Asian countries.

Additionally, the same database reports that if you want to walk alone at daylight, it’s safe since the safety index is at 73.39. Meanwhile, walking home alone at night is at 40.82 which is relatively moderate in safety compared to other places.


Since health care in Cambodia is relatively less costly than other countries, you can get necessary treatments for your health easily. However, make sure though that you still get a health insurance plan to be better prepared. After all, health is something that you should never overlook.

Besides health insurance, you also need to make sure that you are vaccinated for a variety of diseases—endemic or not—that you can possibly get. Vaccines for Tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, Diphtheria are some of the diseases you need to get a vaccine shot for.

Inexpensive cost of living

One of the most inexpensive places to live in Southeast Asia, especially to foreigners, is Cambodia. While the prices have increased from years ago, it’s still relatively cheaper compared to other countries considering rent, food, monthly utilities and more. Due to how inexpensive it is, it has been dubbed for the fifth consecutive year as the most affordable place for retired expats, as well as the third cheapest country in the world to live in, both by the International Living magazine.

“Cambodia is an enticing proposition for those on limited incomes or pensions seeking an affordable place to relocate overseas and enjoy relative luxury.”

– International Living

Furthermore, according to this magazine, your monthly expenses as a single expat living in Cambodia could only amount to around $1,150. This already includes the following:

  • Rent Average at $381
  • Phone plan including data Average at $10
  • Utilities Average at $98
  • Groceries Average at $229
  • Entertainment Average at $191
  • Transportation Average at $38
  • Insurance Average at $65
  • Visa maintenance Average at $24
  • Basic healthcare (Visits to a doctor or dentist) Average at $9
  • High-speed internet Average at $19
  • Incidentals Average at $50
  • A weekly house cleaner Average at $31

Since the above is only an estimate of what you could spend in a month, you can make adjustments that fit your lifestyle. This means your monthly cost of living in Cambodia can be cheaper or a little higher, taking into all accounts what you would need. However, it would still be cheaper considering that in cities like New York, USA, the monthly rent alone is at an average of $3,003 according to Wise.com

In huge cities in Cambodia like Phnom Penh, you can find great rental prices for different types of properties and most of them have ideal locations! Whether you want to buy or rent Khmer architecture properties in the country, you are guaranteed idyllic lifestyles alongside cheap but high-quality properties.

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Recreational activities

Numerous recreational activities, both for active and relaxed retirees, are accessible in Cambodia. If you want to take pottery classes to basket weaving, then it’s easy to find within Phnom Penh alone. Besides that, some of the activities that are attractive for adventurous retirees are going on a cruise, quad biking, caving, and more! Whatever you would need to spend your valuable time is possible in Cambodia so make sure to check it out.


As one of the countries that has preserved a lot of its history via architectural sights and others, Cambodia is home to numerous attractions. Wherever you deign to go, you can be surrounded by beautiful nature sceneries that will allow you to glimpse how the country looked centuries ago or see architectural designs standing tall that were constructed in the Khmer Empire.

The front runner for attractions in Cambodia is Angkor Wat located in Siem Reap. It’s the largest architectural site for religion in the world and has been classified as a World Heritage site since 1992. Besides this, there are more attractions in Cambodia that await. You can discover them and have a more fun retirement when you go to Cambodia!

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