The Top Requested Amenities Tenants Look For in a Condo

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If you’re a rental investor or going to be one, you know that the first step to renting out your condo is to make sure it’s attractive to potential tenants. Besides the furniture, number of bedrooms, and location, there are some amenities that tenants ask for frequently. Most of the time, it’s the amenities that closes and seals the deal.

So one thing is clear: if you want to attract tenants continuously and make your property in Cambodia as profitable as possible, you need to invest in the right amenities. According to our inquiry data, these are the top amenities that condo renters look for in their unit in Phnom Penh:


High-speed WiFi

At the top of the list is high-speed WiFi. Given that most of everything you would need is online, this has become a necessity for most people. From social media applications that will allow you to stay connected to friends and family or even apps to watch your shows, a high-speed WiFi helps in that.

Some property seekers even ask the property manager or unit owner what the speed of the WiFi is. This way, they can make sure that they won’t be slowed down by it when staying in touch with friends, gaming or watching shows. Considering this, anything equal to or above 25 Mbps is a good internet speed. On the other hand, if it’s equal to or above 100 Mbps, then it’s better since it would be fast and it can support multiple devices at a time.


One of the things people look for the most is if there is an air conditioner within the unit. This makes it easier to cool down during a hot day or once you get back home from work. Relaxing  is more possible compared to using a fan since air conditioners are quiet as well. 

Not only that but air conditioners provide a better work environment for you at home, allowing you to focus more and be highly productive. Additionally, air conditioners lessen the risk of having pests, insects, or even parasites at home.


The option to be fit and stay healthy is one that people want every single time. This means having a gym within the condominium building is important for most people, especially since it’s accessible and they can use it anytime they want. Some buildings allow the gym to be used 24 hours while others have a set time within the day that you can access it. Just make sure to check what times it’s available so you can use it when it’s convenient for you.

Additionally, some buildings allow its residents to reserve a time they can use the gym. If your building has this, it will make it easier for you to have full access to gym equipment with little to no waiting to try them.

Swimming pool

Besides having a gym in the building, what people look for is a pool. Whether you want to simply relax by yourself or with those you’re close to, it’s possible to have a casual day of fun with a pool around. Additionally, swimming pools are a great way to exercise as well since the stress on your body isn’t a lot but you’re burning the same amount of calories as you would while exercising on land.


Condominiums are accessible and have various conveniences surrounding it. However, property seekers still look for parking spaces or garages within a condo building. This makes it possible to have your car within the building and just go anywhere you want to. 


A condominium with a tight security is important. Since condos are smack in the middle of the city, even if it’s a safe place like Phnom Penh, you can never be too safe. This means, having a building with 24 hour security guards around can help guarantee your safety. Additionally, make sure the building has working CCTV cameras in designated public areas to ensure that they keep an eye on the safety of residents.

Not only that but check with the property management on what the rules are for allowing non-residents inside the building. If they allow only approved guests, then that assures you that strangers who might have ill motives cannot get in.


Making sure your condominium building has a dedicated team to help maintain or repair items, fixtures, and more in your unit is important. After all, if any of your key fixtures like a shower breaks down, it would be easier to fix it when you call maintenance. This is because in apartments or houses, either you fix the issue by yourself or find someone to repair it for you. With condos, the maintenance team is just one call away to help.

However, there are also instances that they cannot help you repair what’s broken or damaged in your unit. In cases like this, they can give you proper advice on what you can do next, whether it’s to call someone or if you have to replace it. Additionally, there are times wherein they can give you the number of someone they know who can help fix things for you.

These are all things that can help keep your property well maintained and attractive to potential tenants. And if you invest in these amenities, you’ll be able to get more out of your investment—which means less hassle for you and more income coming in from your condo property.

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