What Makes BKK1 a Highly Sought-after and Prestigious Location

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Upscale lifestyle and high-quality everything are what BKK1 is most known for among other districts in Cambodia. You can find numerous luxury brands, posh hotels, and fine dining everywhere within the district, which is unlike other areas. But what makes this district such a prestigious location that it’s attracting top retail brands, developers, and renters alike? Continue reading below.

Accessible by 4 major roads


Heading anywhere you want within Phnom Penh is easy, although there are areas that can be difficult to access. That’s no problem though if you want to go to BKK1 since this district is accessible by four major roads, in all directions, as you can see below:

  • Norodom Blvd
  • Sihanouk Blvd
  • Monivong Blvd
  • Mao Tse Toung Blvd

Has numerous diverse businesses


While Cambodia has only started massively developing its economy in the last few years, many foreign and local investors set up their businesses in key areas of the country, especially in BKK1. Since it’s a prime district of Phnom Penh, BKK1 quickly became the go-to place for anything you need, and is otherwise known as an expat haven.

If you want to shop for clothes, the latest gadgets, quirky mom and pop stores, or even high-end ones, all of them are available in BKK1. Besides that, you can find local and international brands here, making it the best place to be in for customers! New brands also often choose BKK1 since it’s become a shopping and lifestyle haven for all kinds of customers. In 2022 alone, over 99 new brands were launched in the market while 350 other brands expanded their businesses.

Local stores continue to thrive


Despite the numerous international brands that have set up shop within BKK1, there are still local stores that continue to thrive within this district. These mom and pop and hole in the wall stores have existed way before the commercial real estate boom in BKK1; considering the products and services of these local stores, it allowed them to survive the massive change in businesses and customers in the area. More than that, some of these local stores are thriving, allowing other residents to set up their own shops in the area.

Scenic views and aesthetic charm


Whether you’re looking for your own residence in BKK1, shopping, dining, and more, you can always have a great experience here due to the district’s beauty. From walking down the streets to the buildings’ interiors, you can see that developers and owners prioritized high-end interior design and modern architecture, on top of quality structures. Besides that, BKK1 has one of the most scenic views of the city wherever you go in the district!

Upscale real estate properties


BKK1 is one of the most prestigious districts within Cambodia, especially considering that it’s a hotspot for foreigners and large businesses. Due to this, it currently has one of the most expensive properties within Cambodia’s real estate, whether that’s for commercial, industrial, or residential listings. The average land price released by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Cambodia in BKK1 is around $4,900 to $10,000 per square meters, higher than other cities.

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Despite the downturn of prices during the global pandemic, residential, office, and mixed use projects remained on track or started in this time. In 2022 alone, according to CBRE, there were 30 residential properties and 9 office projects that were in development and placed on hold. Proposals for further development are expected to continue in the coming years, making BKK1 even more upscale than it is now.

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