Groundbreaking of ODOM: The New Gold Standard Architecture in Phnom Penh

In the home of the city’s highest skyscrapers will rise the newest landmark that is set to have the most prestigious strata-title offices and luxurious residences in Phnom Penh. The construction works for Odom are now set to begin after the final phases of site clearing and land preparation from June to July.

The groundbreaking ceremony was held on 11th June 2023 , with representatives from both the developer and the architecture firm in attendance. This marks the official start of a modern sustainable life in the city; an urban lifestyle of high quality with low impact on the environment.

ODOM: A True Testament to Sustainable Urban Living

Phnom Penh is becoming more densely populated, and as the population grows, so does the need for sustainable living. Urban Living Solutions, a renowned developer in Cambodia, has broken ground for its most ambitious project yet which integrates sustainability in a modern, cutting-edge architecture.

The design concept is simply described as Cambodian-inspired, Singaporean-designed.

Odom will be built with several elements that reflect the Khmer culture and tradition, including segments stacked together in resemblance to the Angkor temples. It is also inspired by the Cambodian architecture, in which spaces are not always enclosed, but rather open to nature and the sky, as well as to communities nearby.

All these concepts are made possible by the Kite Studio Architecture, a Singaporean architecture firm rooted to a country that pioneers sustainable urbanism.

One of the very few buildings in Cambodia to prioritize environmental, social and governance (ESG) and achieve the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, Odom received high points for its environmentally sustainable and resource-efficient design features, including:

  • Use of high-quality & eco-friendly materials (reduces costs & contribution to waste)
  • Over 7,000 sqm of green space, 80% open to public (improves air quality, and mental health and wellbeing)
  • Six (vertical) sky villages (enhances quality of life for residents with communal spaces for social interaction, relaxation, and recreation)
  • Naturally ventilated garden sanctuary (helps mitigate the urban heat)
  • Innovative & energy-efficient appliances and systems (reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions)
  • Bicycle parking (visible commitment to sustainability, healthier and more active lifestyle)
Odom Courtyard to residential
Odom Sky Village

These features help bring nature into city life and reduce the carbon footprint of city living by keeping air clean and reducing the use of energy and contribution to waste. Creating a more pleasant environment for the future, Odom’s vision is committed to making sure that this development is environmentally sound and is able to support residents both socially and financially.

ODOM: A Promising Investment in the Heart of Phnom Penh

Odom, which will have 9,000 sqm retail space, over 18,000 sqm luxury residences, and 40,000 sqm strata-title offices, comprises two buildings united by a five-floor podium at the bottom and will stand along the prominent Norodom Blvd. in Tonle Bassac.

Fulfilling all requirements for a high standard of living, the Odom residences provide contemporary luxurious units and exclusive access to state-of-the-art amenities. Odom square keeps the pace by offering the finest selection of retail, dining and entertainment options. The highest of them all; Odom Tower is equipped with advanced green technology and resources and will house strata title offices at the same level of excellence.

While Cambodia has seen a lot of new developments rising in the past few years, Phnom Penh remains one of the last major cities in Southeast Asia that does not have a robust office condo market. An office condominium is an owned office space, typically in a mixed-use building, similar to a purchased a condo. It offers ownership of an office suite and shared ownership of common areas—also known as “strata-title ownership.”


Although there’s a growing demand for strata-titled offices in Phnom Penh, the supply is still scarce as very few developers offer this type of investment in the market today. Since this property is a fresh concept and a lesser-known opportunity, Odom’s strata-title offices should be on investor’s radar.

The trend is expected to continue as more companies are moving their operations to Cambodia’s capital. This presents an attractive investment opportunity, not only serving a growing demand but benefitting from the long-term and higher return on investment, plus a way to diversify portfolios.

Strata title office is a valuable investment for investors and a cost-effective solution for business owners looking for prime office space. It offers potential for both rental income and capital appreciation. As investor, you can generate income by leasing out office units to tenants whereas the demand in Phnom Penh is typically stable. Strata title offices can increase in value over time, especially Phnom Penh is rapidly growing and is highly driven by the increased investment in infrastructure.

In addition, commercial real estate has a higher return since leasing out a commercial property in Cambodia is usually under a long-term contract and at a higher rate compared to residential.

Whether as a product or a property of your own, Odom already offers investors and buyers with bragging rights and a guaranteed investment success. Investing in iconic buildings in mega-cities, like the Rockefeller Center in New York, has proven to be a prosperous investment strategy and a symbol of economic progress. Undoubtedly, Odom represents a golden investment opportunity that you should seize today.

The project is scheduled to wrap up in the fourth quarter of 2025.

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