Lower vs Higher Floor: Factors to Consider Before Renting

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When you’re looking for the right condominium to rent, the first thing you check is the location of the building. Same as that, you also have to check the location of the unit you want to rent since living on a lower or higher floor has different pros and cons to them. Depending on what your rental needs are, lower and higher floor units can make or break your lifestyle and experience in the city.

In this regard, you have to know everything about the advantages of lower and higher floor units as elaborated in this article.

Perks of living in lower floors

Living in lower floors guarantees you a lot of advantages, ensuring you maximise city living with the full convenience of condominium perks. Other pros are as follows:

  • Convenience

When you live in lower floor units, it’s easier to go anywhere you want to since the time you are in the elevator is less. It’s also convenient to those who have a disability and the elderly because you have a closer street access.

  • Inexpensive

Most units in lower floors are less expensive, making it the right choice if you want to save more and still have a fantastic apartment location.

  • Better for pets

Similar to how convenient lower floor units are for disabled and the elderly, lower floor units are better if you have pets. After all, not all pets are comfortable if they’re in the elevator for long since most of them get antsy. Additionally, being in the elevator with other people when your pet is with you is not easy since there are some people who are afraid of animals.

  • Fire exit

Your safety is better ensured in lower floor units since you can get out of the building in less than a few minutes using the fire exit. While you can also use the fire exit in higher floors, getting to the ground will take longer.

  • Cheaper utilities

Utilities in lower units are often cheaper since power consumption becomes relatively higher if your unit is located in higher floors. Additionally, during the summer, you do not have to turn on your air conditioner all the time to feel cool, which allows you to have cheaper utilities.

Downsides to living in lower floors

While there is a surmount of perks to lower floor living, there are also a few downsides that you have to consider:

  • High-rise litter

Most lower floor units tend to have litter in and around their balcony due to the miscreants of higher floor tenants throwing their trash.

  • Smog

Smoke and other pollution are rampant in cities so if you open a window in lower floor units, you’re most likely to ventilate your condo with smog rather than fresh air.

Perks of living in higher floors

Live the great life when you rent a unit in the higher floors of condominiums. See all the perks you can have below:

  • Great landscape

Condominium buildings are often built in the city and strategically placed in a great location. This means if you live in higher floor units, you can see the beautiful landscape of the city and even farther than that every time you look out your window.

  • Privacy

The higher your unit is, the more privacy you get. This is possible since you are farther away from the noise pollution of the street and traffic. While you have to consider that your neighbors on the same floor might be noisy, it’s still quieter compared to lower floor units where you can be woken up by blaring cars.

  • Security

Higher floor units in high rise buildings are often more secure than those in lower ground floors. This is because it would be harder to reach the condos here from the stairs and to get away from the security cameras. While this is the case, make sure to lock your doors and safeguard your safety through other security measures because you can never be too safe.

  • Less pests

Pests are rarely seen in higher floor units since it would be a long way from the ground. Even if they travel to units to find sources of food, higher floor units are farther from them. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have pests at your home but this lessens the possibility.

  • Ventilation

Since you’re on a higher floor, when you open even a single window, you can enjoy fresh air to ventilate your condominium. This isn’t possible in lower floor units where you’re more likely to have smog rather than fresh air.

  • Ease of access to amenities

Most amenities like gyms, swimming pools, and more in condominiums in Cambodia are located at the top floors of the building. This means you can easily access them if you rent a higher floor unit.

Downsides to living in higher floors

To ensure you choose the right unit for you, you also have to know the downsides to living in higher floor units:

  • Inconvenience

Higher floor units are not convenient for the elderly, those with disabilities, or even for pets. Since you have longer waiting times for elevators, getting around using the stairs is not possible and there are no other options besides these two to reach the ground quickly.

  • Higher utilities

Not only do you have a lot of perks in higher floor units but your utility bills will be higher too. This is because while it’s easy to ventilate the apartment, for especially hot days, you would need to turn your air conditioner on for most of the day just to cool down. 

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