The Rise Of Creative Offices In The Kingdom


Factory Phnom Penh – Cambodia’s newest creative hub for emerging businesses

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, October 2017 — IPS Cambodia (អាភីអេសខេមបូឌា), Cambodia’s Premier Property and Real Estate Agency, today announced that it has been engaged to provide property management consulting services by Factory Office Space, a mixed-use office space for emerging businesses and studios for creative artists, which will open later this year.

The engagement includes the provision & implementation of critical building documentation and training & mobilization of key staff necessary for the safe and efficient development of the 3.4 hectare property and over 3,000 square meters of office space featuring 17 different structures.

“The Factory is something that is unique to Cambodia. It will feature a number of different working spaces that are geared for start-up businesses and engage young entrepreneurs. With the Factory offering contemporary office and production/studio space, it is envisioned that the campus will promote innovation for new business ideas and inspire the next generation of Cambodian artists,” said Callum McCulloch, IPS Special Projects Consultant for Factory Phnom Penh.

Starting in December, the 3,000 square meters of office space will be configured with art-filled alleyways, green spaces, a constant supply of coffee and dozens of meeting rooms all within a 4-minute walk.

“Coffee shops in Phnom Penh are essentially being utilized as a co-working space – having AC, Wi-Fi and a table – with any purchases labeled as the “rent,” said McCulloch. “Students and young start-up entrepreneurs meet in these cafes to collaborate on their ideas. Essentially the factory is trying to emulate that in a more targeted commercial sense.”

Businesses will have access to the following unique areas:


A selection of design and technical books and periodicals, available in shared areas or for check out.


Small and large, all bookable online.


A full kitchen set up to restaurant standards with oven, fridges, stoves, microwave and a few other tools.


With a pool table, ping pong table, foosball table and other fun activities.


Recharge quickly in a sound controlled environment with futons for short naps.

Factory Phnom Penh

“It’s a unique product in the current market,”  said Grant Fitzgerald, Country Manager of IPS Cambodia.  “This development pushes the boundaries of traditional office space, providing some really refreshing concepts which I think the commercial sector and clients will welcome. The project has a real community focus and it aims to create a hub for small businesses, F&B, and production based companies alike.”

Being at the forefront of Cambodia’s commercial scene, IPS and Factory PP will provide options to startups and organizations embracing technology and innovation a creative solution to express their image through the contemporary office designs mixed with recreation and entertainment.

“Cambodian’s are very entrepreneurial by nature and a development such as this will provide an affordable, creative space for startups to kick off and grow,” said Fitzgerald. “I’m hoping the success of this project will make the market take note and start providing some more creative alternatives to this often ignored component of the commercial sector.”

Spaces that can be used for purposes ranging from art studios to a modernized office space starts at $12 per square meter and is located 4.2 kilometers from Independence Monument, at 1159 National Road 2.


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Factory Office Space – Phnom Penh is a blend of working space for emerging businesses and studios for creative artists that also provides options for recreation and entertainment. The Factory is unlike anything else in Cambodia, it will support those generating the country’s next big business ideas and push the boundaries of creative art. Know more about Factory by visiting their website or following them on Facebook.