Feng Shui: The Right Colors You Need at Home

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Decorating your home is not as simple as it sounds. While you can add all the items you want, they all have to be in harmony with each other. In that regard, it will be easier to bring and achieve the right energy you want like peace, success, happiness, and more. This consideration for what items to decorate a room is called Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice, allowing people to create a safe space for them to achieve what they want. Not only is it about having enough sunlight or air at home, but it’s how the area complements each other’s energy. One way to help Feng Shui your home to get what you want is utilising the right colors per room and depending on the purpose of that room.

Colors are often categorized if they have yin or yang energies, which indicates different meanings as seen below:

  • Yin → This symbolizes soft earth colors, female energies, meditation, tranquility and more.
  • Yang → This symbolizes bright colors, male energies, positive emotions, and more.

Continue reading this article to know the right colors for your home:

1. Green

This soft earth-toned color green symbolizes nature and the state of a person’s heart. It’s aligned to suit rooms meant for family, project-oriented rooms like a home office or even a study room. It’s also great for new beginnings so you can decorate your bathroom or bedroom with it.

2. Yellow

The color yellow symbolizes intellect, wisdom and a clear mind. Decorating your home office, dining room, and your kitchen with the yellow color could make a difference in better and wiser decisions.

3. Brown

Another earth color, brown is the perfect color to choose for your furniture since it’s warm, comfortable, and symbolizes reliability and consistency. There are numerous shades you can use for this color, all great for making a cozier home.

4. Blue

If you’re looking for peace and tranquility, blue is the right color for it since it promotes that and security. For health offices, bedrooms, and bathrooms, this is the perfect color for it.

5. Purple

The best color that promotes spirituality, peace, and intuition is purple. When dedicating a room for worship, classrooms and more, this is the right color for it.

6. Black

Symbolizing mystery, strength and knowledge, black is the perfect color to paint your room or even accent it with furniture and other accessories. However, don’t fill your room too much with this color since it’s a dark color that absorbs others, it can trigger negative emotions.

7. White

Clarity and purity is what the color white symbolizes. While it can be the color of mourning since it represents something or someone not existing, it still brings a sense of energy into a house that will emphasize tranquility and virtue. Similar to black, decorate your home with it accordingly.

8. Gray

Decorating your home with gray is great especially if you want to emphasize tranquil silence and self-restraint. Adding it to a room as an accent or color can help emphasize other colors, and accordingly, the energies that you want your home to have.

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