Feng Shui Tips to Attract Wealth Into Your Home (2022)

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One of the fundamental beliefs in interior design is that anything you decorate a home with should balance each other. A step up to this is the Chinese practice of Feng Shui to create a harmony in the natural energy of the designs in your home, allowing it to bring in good or bad results depending on how the home has been designed. It’s a popular practice, especially since it can give you the chance to attract numerous things like wealth and abundance into your home.

To make your year the best it can be, make sure you adapt Feng Shui tips to bring in fortune! Find out the best tips to attract wealth using Feng Shui practices in this curated list by IPS Cambodia:

Decorate your home with a fountain

To invite fortune into your home, you need to add either a fountain since it capitalizes on one of the five elements of Feng Shui which is water. While water has a variety of meanings like inviting wisdom, running water fully represents prosperity and wealth.

There is no specific fountain design you need to use but there are areas at home where adding it will be the most effective to attract abundance. One of these areas is your front door, whether inside your house or outside of it. However, make sure that the direction of the water faces towards your house so that fortune enters your home rather than leaves it.

Add a Zodiac Tiger statue

The designated Chinese zodiac animal of the year is the Tiger that represents wealth. Since it’s an animal that’s often depicted surrounded by a bed of coins, adding a statue of it into your home can help attract fortune. While there’s no specific limit as to how many Tiger statues you can add into your home, make sure that you do it in moderation so there is still a good balance of natural energy.

Maintain a high-quality stove

Make sure that you maintain your stove so that it’s clean and in a high-quality shape since this is a good way to attract wealth into your home. This is because in Feng Shui, a stove is an appliance that represents career and how you can create more opportunities to be successful. Additionally, maintaining a stove includes diligently cleaning the burners so there are no blemishes that can tamper with the energy to attract prosperity into your home.

Create a Prosperity Bowl

One of the decorations you can add into your home is a Prosperity Bowl. This contains a variety of objects designed to attract wealth. Generally, these bowls have Chinese coins, stones painted like gold, a small statue of Buddha, and more. You can also add a representation of your zodiac sign into the Prosperity Bowl to align the natural energy that will draw fortune into your home with you.

Additionally, most Prosperity Bowls have a Tree of Wealth in the middle of it. These are easy to find and are often made with semi-precious stones, flowers, and more. Once you place this in the center of the bowl, then you can decorate the other lucky items to gather around the tree to optimize it to bring in fortune.

Place citrine crystals

One of the gemstones that represents wealth and good fortune is citrine. Placing a number of citrine quartz in a designated area of your home dedicated to wealth will help attract prosperity. On the other hand, you can also place your citrine crystals on your desk so you can increase your career opportunities.

Designate a wealth corner in your home

Optimizing a corner of your home to attract fortune is one of the best ways to ensure prosperity. In this corner, you can add certain items like a prosperity bowl, citrine crystals, and decorate it with colors representing wealth. The best color to include in this money corner is purple since it nourishes abundance and prosperity.

Additionally, you can include a fountain or object with running water to continuously generate fortune into your home alongside numerous plants.

Take note though that the wealth corner isn’t just a random area that you dedicate to fortune. You have to use a Feng Shui energy map known as Bagua to find out which corner is optimized for financial success.

To use the Bagua map, there are two ways you can interpret it as seen below:

  • Traditional method → The traditional method uses the compass to determine wealth. Using this, the wealth corner is often allocated in the Southeast corner of any room which usually has an angle between 112° – 157.5°.
  • Black Hat method → The Black Hat or western method uses the front door wherein the wealth corner is often located in the back of a room, angled to the left. Make sure you stand by the front door, facing the room to use this method accurately.

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