Cambodia takes first step in easing mask mandate

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Cambodia PM Hun Sen lifts mask requirements on open spaces

As of April 26, 2022, the Kingdom has begun moving towards a maskless public with a voice message from Prime Minister Hun Sen stating that Cambodians will no longer be required to wear masks in open spaces.

The decision came after a meeting with the different ministries the night before, with the formal announcement aired in the early morning as a groundbreaking milestone of the nation’s steady recovery from the pandemic.

A key factor in the decision was the observation of an all-time low in covid-19 cases despite the recent Khmer New Year holiday, the first in two years of the government allowing large gatherings among people to celebrate together. From peaking at a 981-case average rate in July 2021, latest records show just 16 new cases with a continuous decrease projected.

Mask-on restrictions will remain in place for indoor or enclosed spaces. The Ministry of Health also strongly encourages the public to keep their masks on in crowded areas, regardless of being in an open-air venue.

It is in the case of public spaces such as parks, garden grounds, and roads that citizens may now decide for themselves whether to wear a mask.

Throughout 2021, Cambodia championed an aggressive vaccination drive, keeping pace with First World nations and staying ahead of neighboring countries.

Thus, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of receiving a third booster shot among citizens, saying this would ensure the resilience of the mask mandate and help mitigate the spread of contagious diseases such as covid-19.

Nevertheless, getting a third dose of the vaccine would not be compulsory. According to the Prime Minister, government authorities will not be implementing administrating measures with regards to the additional booster, believing this dose should be based on voluntary principles.

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