Free Entry to Angkor Wat for 2-year Residing Foreigners in Cambodia

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UNDER DISCUSSION: In the Dissemination Ceremony of Composition & Implementation Mechanism for Siem Reap-Angkor Tourism Management & Development Commission, the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Thong Khon, said that PM Hun Sen ordered to implement “Free Angkor Pass” to foreigners who have been residing in Cambodia for at least 2 years.

To explain further, Tourism Minister Khon said that as Covid-19 situation still persists today, Siem Reap needs to do something to increase the flow of tourists, and PM Hun Sen believes it is to allow foreigners (who have been working and living in Cambodia for more than 2 years) to visit Angkor Wat for free.

He added that upon implementation, the government will have an incentive program for the purchase of Angkor ticket by increasing the number of days to visit, which is as follows: 

  • 1-day entrance ticket: Up to 2 days visit, valid for 5 days
  • 3-day entrance ticket: Up to 5 days visit, valid for 10 days
  • 7-day entrance ticket: Up to 10 days visit, valid for 1 month

In the first half of 2022, Siem Reap received about 60,000 international tourists, which is a big jump of about 1,025 percent growth rate compared to the same period in 2021. In addition, 387 flights to Siem Reap and more than 1 million domestic tourists were recorded at approx. 798 percent growth over the same period.

This year (2022), Siem Reap is expected to welcome over 100,000 international tourists alongside 2 million local tourists, and attract a quarter more in 2023 — around 500,000 international tourists and 4 million local tourists.

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