What Makes Siem Reap the Best Place to Live in Cambodia

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If you’re looking for the best place within Cambodia property to live in, then Siem Reap is the ideal location for you. Whether you’re a local simply checking other cities and districts to see where you can relocate or an expat settling down here, Siem Reap remains to be the idyllic location due to a number of reasons you can take advantage of.

Before you start finding your next home in Siem Reap, we’ve curated the top reasons why you need to live in this city now. Check it out below!

Strong community

If you’re moving to any location, one of the first few things you need to check is how the neighborhood is like since you’re potentially going to be a part of it. Not to worry though when it comes to Siem Reap since the community there is strong and friendly, whether you’re an expat or a local. Additionally, if you’re planning on building your own here or simply want to know the common family dynamic in the area, then the city remains to be an ideal place since families have a strong bond in these neighborhoods. 

Ideal place for retirement

Among other cities, Siem Reap remains at the top of the list when it comes to the perfect place you can settle down in for your retirement. This is primarily because of the slow life promoted in the city, wherein everyone is living their best lives while working and having fun, all the while without feeling the hustle and bustle of the city. Moreover, there are numerous places you can visit in the city at any time!

Safe environment

Cambodia itself is a relatively safe country for all and this is especially true within Siem Reap. While of course petty crimes do exist like pickpockets and scams, it remains to be a safe environment for residents and travelers. Not only is the risk of terrorism low unlike in other countries, it’s also not a problem for women to travel alone here! It’s recommended for locals and expats though who booked a hotel room, Airbnb and more, to double check their rooms and ensure that valuables are not left alone there since you can’t always guarantee that it’s safe, similar to how you would do so in other places you’re not familiar with. Besides that though, it’s safe to walk anywhere within Siem Reap whether it’s day or night.

Numerous job opportunities

Considering that Siem Reap is the tourism hub of Cambodia, numerous businesses have set up shop, automatically meaning that there are a number of job opportunities here. Depending on what you’re looking for as well in what industry, it’s guaranteed that you can easily find a job opening in this city. Moreover, locals and foreign investors alike are always looking to launch their businesses here, making it the ideal place for your career and lifestyle!

Cheap prices

While prices within Cambodia are relatively cheaper compared to other countries, especially if you’re an expat, prices of services and products remain to be cheaper in Siem Reap compared to Phnom Penh. This is primarily because prices in Phnom Penh are higher due to the demand there, considering it’s the capital city of the country.

Little to no traffic

When it comes to traffic, you don’t have to worry much about it in Siem Reap since there’s little to no traffic here. Generally, there are no traffic jams here since the roads have been expanded to accommodate the population. Moreover, the 38-road expansion project in the city is now fully completed, further easing possible traffic congestion and making it possible for residents and tourists to go to nearby cities and districts in a faster way.

Less pollution

One of the biggest advantages of living in Siem Reap is that you don’t have to worry too much about pollution. Considering that forests, archaeological sites, and more have been mostly preserved since they were erected, it has contributed significantly to reducing the carbon footprint of the entire city as well as ensuring the city isn’t as polluted as other cities or countries. Moreover, there are no factories in Siem Reap and residents often recycle their used products or waste.

Great business opportunities

When you’re researching for the optimal location to set up a business, you need to check what the economy is like in the city and everything related to setting up a successful business. In Siem Reap, not only do you have a number of great clientele from residents to tourists, it’s fairly easy for expats to invest in a business and launch it here. Moreover, Cambodia has a high GDP, making it the ideal place to set up your company.

Besides that, the standard tax for companies is relatively cheaper compared to other countries since it’s only 20%.

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