Why You Should Rent a Studio Unit in Cambodia

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Finding the right apartment to rent can be tedious since there are too many options out there. While having a variety of rental properties you can rent in Cambodia is normally great, it can make things difficult when you’re narrowing down the right property for you. One of the best options, especially if you want a cozy home is to rent a studio unit. Contrary to popular belief, studio units have a lot of advantages that offer to the modern professional.

Check out all the advantages that studio units have as curated below by IPS Cambodia.

What is a studio?

A studio unit is a single room where the kitchen, bedroom, and living room are not separated by a wall. Despite this though, studio units often contain everything you would need from light fixtures to kitchen necessities. Depending on what you’ll rent, kitchen necessities can include a stove, fridge, and an oven.

Additionally, studios have a bathroom that is separated by a wall and door. This is required for all studio units so your basic hygiene necessities can be away from the rest of your condo.

Now that you know what studios are, here are all the reasons why you need to rent a studio in Cambodia:

  • Convenience

Living in a studio means you have quick access to the things you need within a second. Since there’s no need to walk a long distance, it would be easy no matter if you have to whip out a quick snack and return immediately to your workstation.

  • Ease in decoration

Since there is a limited space in studio units, designing the apartment however you want it to look like will be easy. Make sure to maximise the space available by filling the unit with trinkets, furniture, and appliances. Additionally, put in your essential appliances and furniture first before you start decoration to fully utilise the given space.

  • Cheaper

Studio units are cheaper to rent compared to other condo types, even if you rent a studio in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. You can save money if you rent one and ensure you still have enough to spend for other things.

  • Less upkeep

You can easily clean and maintain your studio unit since the given space is not a lot. Additionally, you would have more time for other things since you don’t need to clean a lot.

  • Testing the renting waters

If you’re not sure yet what kind of condo works best for you, studio units are great starter apartments. Once you live in one, you can determine if studios are the right fit for you in the long run or if you want to move to a bigger place.

  • Business stay

When you’re only in Cambodia for a short while due to business, then you can save money by renting a studio unit. You can get a fully furnished one so you have everything you already need and make your stay easier.

  • Vacation

When you’re on vacation for a couple of weeks or even months, you can easily rent a studio unit. This will allow you to acclimatize more quickly to living in Cambodia, making your experience better.

Studios in Cambodia

Cambodia has seen a rise in condominium units over the last few years. Along with it is the market demand for condos, especially in cities thriving with economic activities. For example, in Phnom Penh, there are more condominiums and apartments than there are landed houses available. While this is mainly due to the population in these cities and the need to take advantage of convenience and opportunities, condominiums and apartments offer a lot of amenities that renters like you need.

Since demand for this convenience is great, condominiums have proliferated the real estate market in Cambodia. Currently in Phnom Penh alone, Knight Frank reported in the second quarter of 2020 that there are 21,935 units. Other areas in Cambodia are also expected to duplicate the number of condos due to this demand. Additionally, Phnom Penh is expected to reach 53,512 condo units by 2023 even if constructions had staggered due to the pandemic.

Despite the number of units available, the quality, amenities, and prices of these condos are competitive. For example in Phnom Penh, here are the estimated prices of studios based on square metres if you want to buy them:

  • 29 sqm → $47,000
  • 40 sqm → $80,000
  • 66 sqm → $135,000

On the other hand, if you’re looking for studios in the popular city of Sihanoukville, here are their estimated prices based on square metres:

  • 30 sqm → $40,000
  • 42 sqm → $55,000
  • 106 sqm → $80,000

If you’re looking for studio units to rent, depending on the city in Cambodia you’re checking, prices can range from $400 to $900. Prices depend on the building, unit size, and the furnishings already included in the unit so make sure to check this when you’re finding the right studio for you. Check out other IPS Cambodia articles to see more tips that can help you or even find the right home for you here through our listings!

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