Where to Throw the Biggest Holiday Event in Phnom Penh

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Planning a rocking party for your office? Go all out now when you find the ideal location to have the most memorable party! Depending on what theme you want, there are numerous event spaces in Cambodia that will be perfect for your party. Whether you are going for an idyllic resort, relaxing farm, fun-filled team building activities, or a sky bar, they’re all available in Phnom Penh. 

To find the perfect corporate venue for your office party, we have curated the ideal spots you need to book as soon as possible. Check them out below!

1. Cambodian Country Club

At the top of the list for your office party is the Cambodian Country Club, especially if you want to host numerous games and corporate tournaments! Unlike other venues, this country club has most, if not all, sports you can imagine for your team to compete in, as you can see below:

  • Badminton
  • Archery
  • Volleyball
  • Table tennis
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Fencing
  • Equestrian

Host the most memorable office party when you check out Cambodian Country Club!

2. Amazon Resort

If you want a breathtaking place to host your office party, look no further than Amazon Resort. It’s ideally located in Phnom Penh and shows you the beauty of the Amazon rainforest, in the heart of the city! Gigantic lily pads, towering trees, remarkable realistic creatures like dinosaurs, and more are featured in this resort. Besides all the waterpark activities you can do here and the fantastic food, they have a zipline and other equipment to foster a stronger team!

3. Raintree Cambodia

Whether you want an indoor or outdoor space for your office party, Raintree Cambodia is the ideal location for you! It has large spaces perfect for your event, whether you want the traditional hotel function room or a classic ballroom. Moreover, whether you have a small group of people for your party or a large one, you don’t need to worry since Raintree Cambodia’s event spaces can fit up to 200 people.

4. Eclipse Terrace Bar

Appreciate the beauty of the Phnom Penh skyline when you host your office party at Eclipse Terrace Bar. It’s one of the best sky bars in the city, with terrific food, and a wide array of drink options for your party. When you book a space for your office party, some of the inclusions you can have are a high-quality sound system, projector slide, and a balloon set up!

5. Chrong Baitong

If you’re looking for the ideal remote event space in Dangkao District, then Chrong Baitong is the right corporate venue! There’s numerous food options that can be served in your party, totalling more than 60 types of dishes and 30 plus drink options. This restaurant looks like a house, surrounded by nature, that will make it seem like you’re in the province. Whether you want an indoor or outdoor venue, Chrong Baitong has it for you.

6. The Glass House at Treellion Park

Host your office party in a beautiful green space away from the bustling city center of Phnom Penh when you book The Glass House at Treellion Park. The park is located on the small island of Koh Pich, which is the only green public space in the city in a remote area. Be as rambunctious as you can be with your team at The Glass House since it’s a large and quiet courtyard, which will accommodate more than 50 of your team!

7. Amarak Farm

Change up your corporate venue from the usual bar and indoor spaces when you book at Amarak Farm. It’s a farm located in Phnom Penh, close to the Bassac River, so it’s possible to go fishing and boating! If you want to include team building games in your office party, Amarak Farm is the perfect location as well due to the large outdoor spaces available. 

8. Phumara Resort

Office parties are more fun when you’re in a private space, fantastic food, and scenic views. Phumara Resort answers that and more since an exquisite river surrounds it. Moreover, it’s close by because it’s only located in Kandal Province! You can have your office party’s food catered directly by the resort and host fun water activities with your team if you want. Moreover, it’s also possible to go fishing with your team and have the fishes you catch, served directly in the event!


Want to enjoy high-quality dishes for your office party? Check out Phnom Penh’s VEAYO NOREA now since they serve full-course meals, scenic views, and a wide array of drink options to serve at your office party. Besides excellent meals, VEAYO NOREA restaurant provides a different experience to everyone with its prime architectural design and the river that’s close by. Outdoor spaces for your event is also possible, but make sure to book your party ahead of time since the restaurant gets fully-booked quickly!

10. Samathi Lake Resort

Host your office party in a refreshing lake resort when you book at Samathi Lake Resort! It’s located in Phnom Penh and features more than just a beautiful oasis since it also has a pool. Fun activities for your team members are possible here since there’s a bar, lounge, spa, and gym. If that’s not enough, it’s also possible to go boating here!

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