IPS Cambodia Signed as an Exclusive Agency for Kalyani Residence

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IPS has entered into an exclusive partnership with Kalyani Residence, the newest premier serviced apartment in Siem Reap.


David Granger, IPS Branch Manager, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Kalyani touts upscale living, recreational facilities, and access to exclusive lifestyle perks and privileges within the property’s prime location—all resulting in a new opportunity for residents to find a prestigious place to call home in Siem Reap.”

Setting itself apart from other residential buildings, Kalyani Residence is a luxury serviced apartment designed to cater Asian contemporary living spaces, complemented by sophisticated facilities and five-star management service. This unique combination is rarely found in the serviced apartment market in Siem Reap, making Kalyani Residence a standout choice for those seeking exceptional lifestyle in the city.

Although Siem Reap is known for its rural charm and historic significance, it is experiencing a growing demand for residential properties that offer luxury lifestyle and convenient access to essential destinations and amenities. “More than mutual benefits, this partnership is an opportunity for us to cater to the needs of a more discerning market, and we are confident that Kalyani is one of the best there is for this type of market,” Granger added.

IPS Cambodia has established itself as one of the top agencies in Siem Reap, having received the prestigious “Regional Agency of the Year” twice. Recognizing this, Kalyani Residences has chosen to partner with IPS, which will give the brand the exposure it deserves and showcase its value proposition and property offers.

With a deep understanding of the Cambodian real estate market and a comprehensive knowledge of Kalyani Residence, IPS ensures that the brand is well-positioned and that the leasing process is efficient and seamless. “We have already begun marketing the brand, and we are excited to announce that we will start leasing the serviced apartments through IPS Siem Reap,” Granger shared.

Every client is held in high regard at IPS. Hence, Granger concluded that IPS aims to serve the needs of both the brand and the tenants by effectively matching ideal tenants with their dream homes at Kalyani Residence.

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