Investing with Confidence: The IPS Cambodia Advantage

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Navigate Cambodia’s property market with the expertise and trust IPS offers to investors worldwide

Independent Property Services (IPS) was established in 2009 to meet the growing needs of international businesses to successfully locate their staff and business operations in the emerging Cambodian real estate market. But our commitment doesn’t end there. When it comes to navigating the Cambodian real estate market, IPS leads the way. Curious to learn more about what sets IPS apart? See for yourself why we proudly stand as the preferred choice in Cambodia:

Professional Approach to Real Estate

IPS has earned a reputation for providing a no-nonsense and professional approach to real estate, ensuring that clients are well-represented in a market that can be difficult to navigate. We have successfully integrated the best Western business practices into the Cambodian business environment.

Achieving Desired Outcomes

IPS has a strong focus on achieving desired outcomes for clients throughout the research and procurement process. We deliver best-value solutions and have earned our reputation as the premier real estate agency in Cambodia.

Full-service Real Estate Agency

IPS is a full-service real estate agency dominating the Phnom Penh and Siem Reap real estate market. We offer, amongst many other things, the following services to international property investors:


Identifying Investment Opportunities

IPS can identify opportunities that are in line with investors’ investment goals. We also help assess the risks and rewards of different investment options.

Access to Recommended Projects

We have access to condo projects recommended by our experienced investment team thanks to our strong relationships and networks with developers and property owners. We have a proven track record of helping investors, both local and foreign, find the right investment property for their needs. We have a team of experienced agents who have extensive experience with the Cambodian real estate market, and we know which projects are well-managed, have the best amenities and are in the most profitable locations.

Management of the Investment Process

We have a deep understanding of the Cambodian property investment market. We help investors understand the different types of properties available, the current market conditions and the potential for future growth. We undertake:

– project analysis
– price, value and rental data assessment
– developer pre-approval (recommended)
– unit type recommendations
– historic success data assessment

Management of the Investment Properties

As Cambodia’s premier property management company, we assist in managing investment properties, including:

– handover
– furniture and decoration recommendations
– project management of furniture and decoration installation
– achievable rent recommendations
– tenant screening and rent negotiation
– collecting rent and dealing with repairs and maintenance
– lease completion
– consistent occupancy

Processing of Legal Documentation

We possess comprehensive knowledge and expertise in Cambodian property law. We ensure that all legal documentation is in order, including the following.

Title search: We search the land registry to ensure that a potential property investment is free of any legal encumbrances.
Property contracts: We draft and negotiate property contracts, such as purchase agreements, leases and rental agreements.
Property registration: We help register the investment property with the relevant authorities.
Dispute resolution: If there is a legal dispute related to a property, we can help resolve the dispute through mediation, arbitration or litigation.

Assisting with Financial Reports

We help investors understand the accounting standards that apply to investment properties in Cambodia and assist in:

– Facilitation of Financial Statements: We work closely with reputable and professional accounting firms to ensure these vital documents are prepared in strict accordance with the applicable accounting standards. Our role involves helping investors interpret financial statements and pinpoint areas for financial performance improvement in an investment property.

Partnering for Audits of Financial Statements: When it comes to auditing the financial statements of investment properties, we collaborate with trusted industry partners to make sure these are not only accurate but also free from material mis-statement. Our assistance in this process aids in maintaining compliance with requirements set by the Cambodian financial regulatory authorities.

Assistance with Tax compliance: Our approach to tax compliance for investment properties in Cambodia is based on a powerful network of professional partnerships. We recommend top-tier tax specialists, aligned with our values and expertise, to assist you. They will diligently handle tax return filing and ensure the accurate amount of tax due is paid.

IPS Cambodia is a one-stop solution for international property investors. We recognise that there is no substitute for local knowledge and experience. Our experience, combined with our in-country and international connections, and our wide-reaching online presence enables IPS Cambodia to provide significant advantages to local and international clients.

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