Healthcare in Cambodia

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Advancements in Cambodian Healthcare

Health care in Cambodia has undergone significant improvements in recent years to provide better medical services and enhancing the well-being of its citizens. The healthcare system in Cambodia has witnessed several positive developments, including:

Expanded access to health care

Efforts have been made to increase healthcare accessibility across the country, particularly in rural and under-served areas. This includes the establishment of healthcare facilities, mobile clinics and community health centres to ensure that healthcare services are available to all Cambodian citizens.

Strengthened healthcare infrastructure

The government has invested in improving healthcare infrastructure by constructing and upgrading hospitals, clinics and medical facilities. This has resulted in enhanced medical capabilities, improved equipment and increased capacity to handle a broader range of health issues.

Enhanced healthcare workforce

Steps have been taken to address the shortage of healthcare professionals in Cambodia. The government has invested in training and education programs to equip more individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide quality healthcare services. Additionally, efforts have been made to attract and retain qualified healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses and specialists.

Expansion of specialized services

Cambodia has witnessed an expansion of healthcare services, including preventive care, vaccinations, maternal and child health programs, and the management of communicable diseases. The focus has shifted towards promoting primary health care and disease prevention to ensure early detection and timely treatment.

Strengthened healthcare policies

The government has implemented policies and regulations to improve healthcare standards and ensure patient safety. This includes the regulation and quality control of medical facilities, the development of healthcare guidelines, and the establishment of healthcare financing mechanisms to make health care more affordable and accessible to the population.

Collaboration with international partners

Cambodia has engaged in collaborations with international organisations and partners to strengthen its healthcare system. These partnerships have brought in expertise, resources and funding to support healthcare infrastructure development, capacity building and the implementation of health programs.

Overall, these efforts have contributed to the improvement of healthcare services in Cambodia, resulting in increased access to quality medical care, better health outcomes and an overall improvement in the well-being of the Cambodian population.



Specific examples of recent healthcare improvements in Cambodia include:

  • Health Equity Fund (HEF): In 2016, the government launched the HEF, which provides financial assistance to lower socioeconomic households to cover the cost of health care. The HEF has helped to reduce out-of-pocket healthcare payments and has increased access to health care for this population.
  • National Health Information System (NHIS): In 2018, the government launched the NHIS, which is a centralised database that tracks health data across the country. The NHIS helps improve the quality of health care by providing better data for decision-making.
  • National Strategic Plan for Universal Health Coverage (UHC): In 2020, the government launched the National Strategic Plan for UHC, which outlines the country’s roadmap to achieving UHC by 2030. The UHC plan includes several targets, such as increasing the number of health workers, expanding health insurance coverage and improving healthcare quality overall.

As a result of these improvements, the health status of the Cambodian population has improved significantly in recent years. Life expectancy has increased and infant mortality rates have decreased. These improvements are expected to continue in the coming years, as Cambodia continues to invest in its healthcare system.


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