Essential Appliances Your Rental Property Needs

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In order to get high-quality tenants and increase the potential profit from your rental property in Cambodia, you need to do your best to make it as attractive as possible for your target tenants. This includes adding all the must-have appliances and knowing the key facilities that most renters are looking for. Check out this curated list so you can prepare your home in the best way possible:

1. Air Conditioner

Most people feel more comfortable relaxing in a cool home, rather than dry and humid homes. This is why tenants tend to look for places that offer air conditioning rather than those without. If you’re installing an air conditioner in your property, you can choose ones from brands that are guaranteed to be durable so you don’t have to maintain or repair it much over the years. Additionally, there are brands that save energy which are beneficial for tenants so you can have this installed.

2. Refrigerator

Following air conditioners, refrigerators are key appliances that tenants look for in rental properties. The type of refrigerator you can buy for your unit depends on you since there are numerous options out there from one door to two doors, and more. However, make sure you do your due diligence to buy durable ones so you can avoid a lot of repairs. 

3. Microwave

Putting in a microwave among other kitchen appliances is a strong move that your tenant would love. After all, it would be easy for them to heat anything they want and eat it as soon as possible.

4. Smart TV

Among other appliances, smart televisions are one of the top ones that tenants would need especially since it can connect them to their favorite shows. 

5. Cleaning Tools

In order to make sure your property remains spotless and is taken care of, you can add a vacuum, broom, map or other related stuff. This will make it easier for tenants to maintain it and keep the place clean.

6. Wi-Fi

Technology and staying connected reigns supreme these days, especially since most of everything has been made available online. This means one of the top things that tenants are looking for is Wi-Fi so they can connect and stay connected. If you have this installed then your future renter is guaranteed to be happy.

Other basic facilities:


For convenience’s sake, most tenants look for parking within their building. Whether it’s inside parking or outside, as long as there’s parking, it would be good for them to have it. Although for condominiums, most tenants prefer inside parkings since it would help their cars stay dry or anything else from the weather. On the other hand, if you’re leasing your house, either outside or inside parking works best for tenants.

Safety & security

One of the top things that tenants look for when renting is security and their safety is ensured. This means if your building has security guards and security cameras, it will allow the tenants to feel better in living in your rental property since they won’t have to worry much.


Most people are chasing health goals and just trying to ensure that they stay fit and healthy. This means tenants are always looking for gyms within their building or close to their rental property. Even if they’re not frequently in a gym, giving them the option to readily access it allows tenants to live the healthier lifestyle they want.

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