Grocery 101: Best Supermarkets to Know in Cambodia

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The key to having a convenient life is knowing where to get your groceries. After all, buying everything you need from food to necessities is important, whether you’re a tourist or a local. Cambodia has numerous grocery stores you can buy from but not all of them offer the best experience. Some stores might not have what you need as well so you need to know only the best supermarkets in town.

Besides this, when you’re looking for your next real estate property in Cambodia as a home or investment, it’s ideal to know the places nearby, including conveniences like a supermarket. So whether you’re scouting for your next property or simply looking for the closest grocery store, we’ve curated an extensive list of the best supermarkets you need to go to below!

Aeon Mall’s Supermarket

One of the big malls in Cambodia is Aeon Mall and consequently, their supermarket is large as well. It contains all the essentials you need in a grocery store designed to be the most luxurious one around. Finding anything you want from Cambodian products to popular international ones is easy here, especially since the aisles are properly marked. Additionally, rare goods are available here like prahok and silk worms.

Before going to this store, make sure you wear sensible shoes since the store is large and getting everything you need may take time.

Natural Garden

To have a healthy body, you need to use only organic vegetables which is primarily what Natural Garden sells. It’s the foremost grocery store in Cambodia where you can get fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and more. While it has retail stores you can shop from anytime you want, Natural Garden is the main supplier of these products in the food industry in the country.

Additionally, the store sells other organic products like free-range chicken, rice, eggs, and others that are good for your health. Not only does Natural Garden put local products in their stores but you can find imported ones there so it’s your one-stop shop for all organic products!

Le Marché

If you’re looking for international products, specifically imported from Europe, then you don’t need to look further than Le Marché! It’s a store located in Sangkat Tuol Tum Poung in Phnom Penh, close to the Russian Market, that sells specialty rice, organic beans and grains. Moreover, if you’re thinking of getting French wines, this store has a great selection you can choose from.

Other baking goods and pastries are available in Le Marché since they have an Eric Kayser outlet within their store. Additionally, you can grab a drink or two in their upstairs cafe!

Lucky Supermarket

Whether you’re a local or an expat, one of the best grocery stores you can go to is Lucky Supermarket. It has a number of branches within Cambodia due to its popularity since it sells a large number of imported goods as well as local products. It was also the first supermarket in the country to have a Western-style design.

Whether you are looking for fresh food or other essentials, it’s guaranteed that Lucky Supermarket has them. So make sure to drop by here if you want a convenient grocery store to buy everything you need.

Super Duper Supermarket

When you need something at the drop of a hat, no matter what time it is, then Super Duper Supermarket is the one you need to go to. It’s open 24 hours and has a number of outlets in Phnom Penh so it’s easily accessible. Moreover, it’s currently the leading grocery store in Cambodia that sells imported goods wherein you can get anything you want from junk food, frozen burritos, a wide selection of cheese and more.

Super Duper Supermarket has a varied stock of Australian beers as well as a selection of pastries. While the store is smaller in scale than others, its selection is always one you will keep coming back to.

Thai Huot Market

One of the small grocery stores in Phnom Penh is Thai Huot Market. Despite its size compared to the bigger players, this store has everything you would need from local products to imported European goods! Moreover, unlike other supermarkets, you have a lot of cheese options to buy from here as well as a number of deli meat choices. If you’re also looking for wine to pair up your cheese, this market offers an excellent selection of French wines!

This store is popular to locals and expats alike due to its wide selection, especially the foreign products they offer that beats the competition.

House of Spice

Sometimes the local grocery stores don’t have all the spices you need but don’t worry since House of Spice supermarket contains all your spice essentials. From all Cambodian spices to a variety of Asian to Western spices, they have a stock here! Their selection has reasonable prices as well.

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