The Ultimate Guide to Buying Property in Phnom Penh

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Phnom Penh has experienced significant growth in its real estate market due to rapid urbanization and foreign investment. This has led to a diverse range of property options like condominiums, apartments, villas, and commercial spaces for various budgets.

Attracting local and international buyers, Phnom Penh’s strategic location and competitive property prices make it an appealing investment destination. As the market evolves, staying informed about trends and regulations is crucial for potential buyers in the Cambodian real estate sector.

To make sure you understand the important things about buying property in Phnom Penh, read on.

Foreigners wanting to buy property in Cambodia must know the Cambodian property laws first. They can’t own land or certain properties, but they can buy condominiums following the 70/30 rule, which grants them the right to possess 70% of the building. They can also choose long-term leases or land concessions instead of owning property directly.

Before buying property, it’s important to check the legal details like the title and property boundaries. Getting help from a lawyer and a surveyor makes the process easier. By knowing the laws and finding the right people, foreigners can confidently buy property in Cambodia.

Finding the Right Property

To find the best property for your needs, start by researching different neighborhoods in Phnom Penh. Consider these factors:

  • Residential Areas: Look for neighborhoods with a good quality of life, including amenities, schools, and safety.
  • Commercial Districts: If you’re interested in business or investment, explore areas with thriving commercial activities and potential growth.
  • Up-and-Coming Locations: Keep an eye on emerging neighborhoods that may offer better value and future returns on investment.

Moreover, leverage the power of the internet to find your ideal property in Cambodia. By using online resources and property listings, you can browse available properties, compare prices, read reviews and testimonials from other foreign buyers, and gain insights into the local real estate market and trends. 

Financing your Property Purchase

Financing your property purchase in Cambodia can be a challenging task but there are options available. One option is to explore mortgage options offered by banks and financial institutions in your home country or international banks operating in Cambodia. 

Local financing options, such as installment plans, may also be available from property sellers. To get the best deal on your property purchase, research the local market and compare similar properties. Engaging a skilled real estate agent can also be beneficial in negotiating the purchase price.

Inspecting the Property

Consider engaging a professional inspector, as recommended by the Cambodia Constructors Association, to ensure a complete inspection of your potential property in Phnom Penh. They will look at everything and give you a report to help you decide if it’s a good idea to buy it. Make sure they check the important things, like the walls, roof, plumbing, and electricity.

If something is wrong, you can use that information to talk to the seller and either get them to lower the price or fix the problem before you buy. This will save you money and trouble in the future.

Closing the Deal

Prepare and check the contract with the seller before purchasing property in Phnom Penh. Some properties may need government approval. After receiving approval, pay for the property and transfer ownership with the assistance of a lawyer or notary. Finally, to confirm ownership and safeguard your rights, register the property with the appropriate authorities in Phnom Penh.


In conclusion, to invest in Phnom Penh real estate, one must research, find, negotiate, prepare, get approvals, transfer ownership, and register the property. These steps ensure a secure investment. 

Buying a property in Phnom Penh has benefits such as capital appreciation, rental income, and diversification. As Phnom Penh develops and grows economically, it offers opportunities for long-term gains.

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