Phnom Penh Earns Its Place in 2024’s Top Trending Destinations

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TripAdvisor has unveiled its trending list of destinations to visit in 2024 around the globe, and it’s brimming with excitement and diversity. Striding proudly among a diverse selection of global cities is Southeast Asia’s rising star, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Earning the 9th spot, this city’s rich history intertwined with its modern, cosmopolitan vibe validates its place as a shining beacon on TripAdvisor’s list.

The Intriguing Blend of Past and Present


Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s pulsing heart, masterfully captures the charm of the old and the energy of the new. Its vibrant heritage, etched in profound history and mesmerizing Khmer architecture, trigger curiosity and invoke a deep sense of exploration. Landmarks like the Royal Palace, the ornate Silver Pagoda, and the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum offer invaluable glimpses into the nation’s rich but marked history.

Modernity Meets Tradition


As a testament to its rapid development, Phnom Penh is also eager to strut its cosmopolitan side—the city’s skyline dotted with modern high-rises and condos is attracting global attention. This rapid, planned growth positions Phnom Penh on the world’s real estate stage, representing untapped opportunities for investors.

A Culinary Odyssey
Beyond structural marvels, Phnom Penh’s evolving culinary scene is impossible to overlook. An eclectic mix of flavours awaits in the lanes of this burgeoning global city. Traditional Khmer dishes compete with international cuisines, ensuring a gastronomic journey that caters to every palate.

After Dark: The City Comes Alive


As dusk descends, Phnom Penh springs to life. Night markets buzz with activity, and rooftop bars offer unparalleled city views, transforming the cityscape into an urban spectacle. The city’s nightlife is a perfect mixture of serenity and vibrancy, encapsulating experiences that etch lasting memories.

The future of travel lies in destinations that offer diverse experiences — and Phnom Penh promises just that. Its rich cultural heritage, rapidly modernising infrastructures, surging real estate market – and not to forget, its delicious culinary delights – make Phnom Penh a compelling place to visit and a sure-fire star performer on TripAdvisor’s list.


So, pack your adventurous spirit and an appetite for the enchanting. Cambodia’s Phnom Penh awaits, ready to be lived, explored, and enjoyed!

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