Needs vs. Wants: Things to Prioritize On Your First House Hunt


Buying your first property is always exhilarating—countless nights are usually spent sleepless because of the excitement that comes with it; from renovation planning, estimating utility costs, down to décor ideas from Pinterest. Indeed, nothing thrills the modern city-dweller more than the idea of finally moving to his own place.

Sure, the idea of fully-furnished lofts, four bedroom townhousesនិង mansions with huge yards are exciting. But at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself—do you really need all these extra pizazz for your first home? IPS Cambodia (អាភីអេសខេមបូឌា) breaks down the basics that you should prioritize on your first house hunt.

Floor area

Are you living solo, cohabiting with your partner, or buying a home for your growing family? Do you really need all those extra rooms for your first home when you’re sure staying single for the next couple of years?


Is one bedroom enough, or is an extra room a must for frequent visitors? Do you need a huge kitchen, or are you more of a fast food take-away person? Do you like watching TV while lounging in your living room’s cozy couch, or you’re good with your streaming marathons in bed?


Do you really need a two-car garage when you drive a motorcycle? Does the place you’re eyeing have enough space should you decide to buy your own set of four wheels?


The cultural melting pot that is Siem Reap sure is a nice place to stay, but what if your office is based in Phnom Penh? Always consider if the city you want to live in can make you balance work and play.

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There is nothing wrong with wanting extra zing for your first home, but at the end of the day, practicality has to prevail. Who knows, initially choosing value over gusto might help you save enough resources for buying bigger properties in the future!