Cambodian Property Investor – FIRST ISSUE


IPS Cambodia - Cambodian Property Investor March 2016

IPS Cambodia (អាភីអេសខេមបូឌា) is proud to present the first edition of Cambodian Property Investor.

A regular publication that showcases the finest addresses, offers expert advice and provides a snapshot of the Cambodian real estate environment.  We’ve earned our reputation as the country’s property experts by regularly contributing articles to newspapers, magazines and websites. Now it’s our turn to give our professionals in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap their own forum.

In the first edition of Cambodian Property Investor, we’ll highlight the latest premium apartments, villas, houses, offices និង land – all excellent opportunities with growth potential for savvy investors.

For investors seeking to enter the Cambodian property market, our latest articles will give you an insight into the thriving property environment, debunk myths and provide the latest facts on real estate law. So sit back and enjoy the first edition of Cambodian Property Investor – the first of many.

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