Cambodian Property Investor | 5th Issue

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Cambodian Property Investor | Issue No.5

The rapid rise of new Commercial properties in Cambodia.

We cover Grade A offerings and take a detailed look at HongKong Land’s new Exchange Square building, setting an enviable standard at the top of the market.

We introduce the innovative The Factory development which brings a new approach to delivering space solutions for Phnom Penh’s startup and emerging business sector.

Our friends at B2B provide a detailed How-To guide to start your new business venture in the Kingdom and Country Manager Grant Fitzgerald has put together our definitive guide on how to own property as a Foreigner.

It’s not just property though, Anna Mischke takes us on a journey through BKK1 and provides her unique take on life as an expat. We take a snapshot of emerging AirBnB opportunities in both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh and resident photographer Ryan Fernandez opens our eyes to the wonders on our doorstep.

Take a break and take in the best of the Cambodian property scene.



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