IPS Sets Benchmark in Modern Convenience for Tenants with Deli Shop 

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia | Convenience has never been essential than it is today, and it is not just in the form of on-demand services and instant gratification. With the rise of the so-called “new normal,” it has been considered a new way of living that allows people to have more flexibility and control over their time. 

In this era, modern convenience means living in a home that offers easy access to every need. Whether it is online shopping or online banking, or even just the means of ordering food without having to leave home, it’s clear that such convenience provides exceptional benefit which has been proven to be a lifesaver especially at the time of lockdowns. 

Given the pandemic, IPS crafted a mission to ensure that the company, together with its clients, is living in a modern society and for the future. The first step to this shift towards modern convenience is the new partnership with DELISHOP — an established online supermarket in Phnom Penh. 

This partnership will allow our tenants to avail discounts through coupons on their purchases at the online grocery store. “We are committed to providing our tenants with value-added services,” said IPS Phnom Penh Branch Manager Syto, “and this partnership allows us to do just that.” 

Syto pointed out that Delishop promotions are aptly positioned in IPS managed buildings in Phnom Penh namely Thana’s Apartment and Sofia Residence. Its purpose is to easily serve to the grocery needs of tenants, ensuring higher level of convenience. This, he added, is the same primary market and goal that Delishop seeks to capture. 

Through the Delishop app or Delishop online site, tenants can run two or three errands such as purchasing grocery items, personal care, medications, and even electronics and household needs. Payment is as convenient as ordering. It can be paid through cashless transactions via debit or credit card. 

The discounts will be rolled out over the next few months, so tenants who will rent with IPS would clearly reap the benefits of having discount at every grocery order and having to run errands at the comfort of their home.

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