IPS and SRU Soccer School Team Up to Develop the Next Generation of Soccer Stars

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Siem Reap, Cambodia | IPS in Siem Reap has been actively promoting a productive and healthy lifestyle, initially through the partnership with Angkor Golf Resort and participation on its activities, to now entering another partnership with the same mission.

Today, IPS Cambodia is officially taking its commitment to the Siem Reap community a step further by sponsoring SRU Soccer School – a new academy football school by Siem Reap United.

Recognized as the most popular sport in Cambodia, IPS believes that soccer plays a vital role in the Khmer culture & history, which emerged during French colonization period in 1860s. SRU Soccer School aims to attract as many children as possible to play soccer. The school provides young talents with the opportunity to learn and develop their skills in a fun and safe environment.

Jennie Bocog, Marketing Director of IPS with Alex Kütt, Managing Director SRU Soccer School

With this initiative, the youth will have access to quality football training sessions under the guidance of top-notch coaches. The goal is to instill positive values and prepare them for a better future, where they can contribute to society through meaningful work in their chosen fields. In addition, IPS believes that this will help promote football in Cambodia, raise awareness about its benefits, and encourage kids to take part in sports activities more often.

“We are grateful for this opportunity to work with SRU Soccer School in offering high-quality training and facilities to young players in Siem Reap,” said Jennie Bocog, Marketing Director of IPS Cambodia. “We believe that sports can be a powerful tool in helping children develop a positive attitude towards health and fitness, and we are proud to support the efforts of SRU Soccer School in promoting these values.”

This collaboration is an important step in fostering community health and wellbeing. By supporting SRU’s efforts to promote active living among children, IPS is demonstrating its commitment to building a healthy and vibrant community.

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