Jennie B

Marketing Director

Jennie’s tenure in the Marketing and Real Estate sectors spans over a decade, laying a robust foundation for her role at IPS since her start in 2019. She thrives on the constantly evolving nature of her field and takes great pride in collaborating with a remarkable team. As a Marketing Director, Jennie’s primary responsibility is to spearhead sophisticated marketing strategies that propel sales forward and ensure that the company’s real estate services are delivered at peak efficacy.

Jennie plays a pivotal role in the development and implementation of innovative marketing plans, overseeing everything from market analysis to campaign execution. Her expertise encompasses establishing the overall marketing direction, coordinating cross-functional teams, and leveraging data-driven insights to optimize campaigns for diverse demographics. Under Jennie’s marketing leadership, IPS continues to assert its dominance as the premier real estate authority in Cambodia, by consistently delivering on the company’s vision and driving robust business growth.

She brings various professional experiences in Digital Management within the fields of Graphic Design, Web Development, SEO and Digital Marketing. She earned a degree in BSBA Major in Marketing from Far Eastern University-Manila in the Philippines.

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