Should You Invest in Golf Course Property?

When talking about Cambodia real estate investments, people generally turn to residential properties as their first choice. However, there’s a plethora of other properties that are overlooked but can net you large profits especially if you take advantage of the opportunities it offers. One great sample of this is a golf course since generally people only consider investing in one if they are fond of golfing.

Whether you play golf or not, investing in a golf course offers numerous perks you need to know so you can take advantage of them once you buy one. In this case, IPS Cambodia curated the top benefits of buying a land close to a golf course below.

It’s not costly

There’s a common misconception that investing in a golf course will cost close to a billion, however this is far from the actual truth. If you decide to buy land and develop it into a golf course, it will cost you anywhere between $6 million up to $10 million according to Richard Eide, the former President of Golf Club Consulting in the U.S. However, if you decide to buy an already made golf course, then it’s only half of what it would cost if you develop it. Browse through our listings or talk to your IPS agent to help you find the right golf course land you can invest in.

It helps create a strong community

When you invest in a golf course, not only do you create opportunities for higher profits for yourself, but you’re creating a strong community around you. Due to the inherent prestige of golf courses as well, you’re guaranteed that the homeowners located close to, around, or within your golf course, will fit a certain wealth and lifestyle threshold. This will therefore help in building a community around your golf course that focuses on health and an active lifestyle, all the while having everyone’s security guaranteed.

It has a long-term value

Similar to other commercial properties and businesses, owning or even investing in a golf course has long term value. As a business, you can expect to develop higher profits the longer you manage the golf course properly, keeping in mind the different marketing strategies to gain new clients as well as building a large pool of loyal clientele.

Moreover, there are many ways you can create value with a golf course if you invest in it besides setting up golf sessions and programs. For example, if you build a restaurant within your golf club, it can rake in profits as well, especially considering the prices won’t be cheap considering the location. Make sure you get great employees that know the ins and outs of the restaurant industry since you will have a first-rate clientele.

It has a beautiful scenery

One thing you will never get bored of when you invest in a golf course is the panoramic views that it offers. Generally speaking, most golf courses have well-kept grass hills as far as your eyes can see but some owners create courses that includes lakes and the like to make it more difficult and add flair to the whole golf course. However, it’s up to you on how you want it to look like but make sure you take a step forward first and invest in your own golf course now!

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